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How to Get Rid of Dark Pores on Legs?

How to Get Rid of Dark Pores on Legs?

Fashionable ladies love to wear short dresses, hot pants, short skirts, etc. They look stunning in beautiful short dresses if they have gorgeous legs. What if the legs are full of dark large pores? That is enough to spoil the entire appearance.

If a lady has a very fair skin tone, then the dark pores on legs are really noticeable. The girls and ladies who cannot solve the problem, often shifted to full trousers to cover the dark pores.

Many women face this problem of dark pores in their legs. The pores are like the spots on strawberries. So this is also known as strawberry legs. In medical term it is called the “Open Comedones.”

The reason for the Dark Pores formation

We do care a lot about our face, hair, even our hands too. But we often forget about our legs. This negligence slowly turns to cause various problems in legs like dark pores formed in legs. When someone does not clean her legs properly, the dirt and dust stick to the skin of legs over and over again. The dirt gets inside the open pores of the skin. Inside the pore, the dirt mixed with sebum, oil and bacteria. When the pores come to a contact with air, the oxygen of air react with the sebum and gets oxidized. For this oxidation process, it became dark. Thus the dark pores are created on the legs.

Extensive use of the shaver can also increase the problem of large pores and dark pores in legs. In most of the cases it is seen that we started to have dark pores just after shaving of legs and it happens due to the use of old and blunt shaver. The old and blunt shaver pulls the hairs of legs and most of the time became unable to remove the follicle properly. So it creates the problem of dark pores as the particles remained inside the pores.

So immediate discontinuation of the old and used blade can make some help. Other alternative ways of hair removing can give a more satisfactory result. Waxing is considered as the most effective way of hair removing. Other than waxing, the depilatories and laser hair removal process are there, but these techniques may have their side effects.

How to get rid of dark pores on legs

There are many easy tips and home remedies which can help us to get rid of dark pores in the legs. Some of them are as follows.

How to Get Rid of Dark Pores on Leg

Use of Hot Water:

The use of hot water can reduce the large pores. One has to soak her legs in a tub full of hot water. The water should be that much hot which the skin can bear. Soak the legs for at least 15 minutes in the tub. Make sure that the dark pores affected area is completely under the water. This process will help to open up the pores and loosen up the dead cells of the pores. So the clogged things of pores can come out easily.

The Exfoliation of Skin:

The exfoliation of the skin is one of the best solutions for dark pores. It helps to clean the pores easily. The exfoliation will help to open the pores and the particle inside the pore will come out. Following the proper exfoliation process will be much helpful for reducing the dark pores.

The ‘proper scrubbing process’ is as follows:

  • First wet the area with warm water you want to scrub.
  • Take some scrub on loofah or towel. If you feel comfortable, then you can use the scrub with the help of your palm.
  • Use the scrub in a gentle circular motion on the affected area.
  • Use the scrub for at least 5 to 10 minutes.
  • You can rinse or wipe off the scrub with lukewarm water.
  • At last splash some cold water on the area. It will help to close the pores

Some homemade scrubs reduce the dark pores of the legs very effectively. These are:

The Baking Soda Scrub:

The baking soda Scrub can be made with baking soda and water. Make a thick paste of baking soda and water. One spoon of baking soda will be mixed with one spoonful warm water.  Apply a thick paste of this scrub on the affected area and rub it on skin. It will gently scrub the skin without irritation.

The Sugar-Olive Scrub:

The Sugar-Olive Scrub is made with mixing sugar and olive oil in 1:1 ratio. With exfoliation it will provide moisture to skin and make it soft as well.

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The Brown Sugar Scrub:

The Brown Sugar Scrub can be made with two spoons of brown sugar, two spoon of aloevera gel and one spoonful lemon juice. As brown sugar is excellent for scrubbing, it will help to clean the larger pores and it will keep the skin soft. This scrub has a good skin lightening properties as well. So use of this scrub can reduce the spots and scars of legs.

The Buttermilk Salt Scrub:

The Buttermilk Salt Scrub is made with mixing adequate amount of salt with buttermilk. It is a gentle scrub and exfoliates the skin effectively.

The Brown sugar Baking Soda Scrub:

The Brown sugar Baking Soda Scrub is made with mixing the Brown sugar and Baking Soda in equal proportion. This is a gentle and very effective scrub for dark pores.


The massaging in legs helps in better blood circulation of legs. Massaging also makes the skin healthy and moisturized. Massaging of legs can be the therapeutic treatments for dark pores. The Tea Tree Essential Oil is used as an important ingredient in this massage. Mainly olive oil is taken for massage mixing few drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil. This oil can penetrate in the pores effectively. The Tea Tree Essential Oil has a good antibacterial effect. So it makes the pores bacteria free and help in reducing dark pores on legs.

how to get rid of strawberry legs

Natural Ways to Get rid of Strawberry Legs:

  • Cucumber is applied as a remedy for dark pores. The cucumber peel is used for this therapy. It has a cooling effect and also the lightening property. So cucumber is effectively used for reducing the dark spots from legs.
  • Egg is another important thing in dark pore reducing technique. The egg has the tightening property. The pack of egg is hugely used. It helps to reduce the size of pores. So it is helpful in reducing dark pores.
  • The lemon plays another important part. The lemon has a skin lightening property and also the astringent property. So lemon is extensively used in scar reduction.
  • Vitamin E oil is used in the treatment. This oil has the skin lightening property, so it is extensively used in the marks and scar reduction.
  • The sandal wood oil, aloevera, cucumber and rose water, all have the anti-inflammatory properties. So all the ingredients are used in the treatment of the Dark Pores of legs.
  • The coconut oil has also the anti bacterial properties. So coconut oil can be a medium of massage for the dark pored legs.

So following the above natural remedies and tips we can be able to get out of the problem. The result may not be seen from the very first use. All the remedies are mostly mild as they are made of completely natural ingredients. These tips may work slowly, but all these products are very safe to use as there is no harmful side effect.

As we all know, the very common proverb ‘prevention is better than cure’, so we should maintain few very easy tips to follow regular so that there will be no chance to occur the problem of dark pores on legs. Because if the dark pores occurred once, then it will be difficult to get rid of this problem.

Some regular following tips for prevention of Dark pores on legs:

  • Regular cleaning: One has to clean her legs with cleanser every day. It will help to keep the legs clean and also reduce the chance of dark pores.
  • Regular Scrubbing: The use of scrubber in two to three times in a week will help to reduce the dead cells from the legs and help to clean the pores effectively.
  • Avoid shaving: The use of shaver is really a cause of dark pores. So, one should avoid shaving because it has a tendency to make the pores larger. Shaving can be replaced by waxing which is quite a better idea.

The dark pores are really a problem in modern life especially because we are very conscious about our looks. Its removal is not very complicated. One should not go through expensive medical treatments. It can be done easily at home by natural ingredients, but it is a little time consuming. So it is better that we should take proper care of our legs so that no such a problem can come in our life. Cleanliness is the solution to the problem.