How to Clean Flat Iron Fast: Easy Guide

how to clean a flat iron

There’s not a girl on earth who doesn’t love a flat iron. It’s an essential product that completes our look and finds a place in a man’s life too. Some use it on rare special occasions. But most people use it on a daily basis. And how often do they clean it?

Probably never.

It’s important to clean your flat iron on a daily basis if you use it every day. Why? Well, if you leave it dirty, the products you’ve applied to your hair before you used it will mix and stick to the iron plates. And the next time you use it, your hair will become messy.

Not to mention that it’s also harder to use a flat iron if dirty because of the sticky plates. Aside from this, dirty plates might result in weakening the power of your flat iron. Same goes for flat irons for clothes. It’s important to clean that flat iron too.

But how, you wonder? If you’ve never done it before, allow me to present a few easy solutions on how to clean your flat iron. Just apply these tips and you’re good to go.

How to Clean Flat Iron

Fortunately for you, cleaning your flat iron cannot be any easier with the solutions I’m going to present. No matter what type of straightener or flat iron for clothes you own, my solutions will help you. Any material that functions as a hot plate for straightening may be cleaned with these solutions.

First and foremost, before you start cleaning your flat iron, make sure it’s unplugged to prevent an accident. Place it on a heat-resistant ground and allow it to cool off until you can touch it without burning yourself.

Solution 1: Clean your flat iron with alcohol

Perhaps you heard of the power of alcohol when it comes to cleaning. It represents one of the best ways to clean your straightener and flat iron for clothes. It’s quite effective because it breaks down oil buildup and hair products that sick on the plates very easily.

If you use many hair products and straighten your hair on a daily basis, I recommend using alcohol to clean it once a week, if you’re not into cleaning after every usage. Put some of the alcohol on cotton cloth or microfiber that’s clean and dry. After, gently rub the plates with circular moves.

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Repeat again if you feel it’s necessary. Once you’re done, start with the edges. Clean the edges with a cotton swab. Once you’re done with this too, soak a clean towel or paper towel in warm water and wipe down the plates. You leave it to dry and you’re good to go. Your flat iron is clean.

Solution 2: Clean your flat iron with nail polish remover

If you didn’t know by now, nail polish remover represents a universal cleaning product that can help you clean your straightener and flat iron for clothes.

Just pour a small dose of it on a cotton ball and start rubbing the plates using circular moves. Focus on the most affected parts a bit longer to make sure it’s all out. After, remove the nail polish remover with a soft, fresh microfiber towel or some other clean, cotton fabric.

Solution 3: Clean your flat iron with warm water

If you don’t use your straightener or flat iron for clothes very often, you can clean it the simplest way. Use warm water and a towel. Soak a towel or some other clean cloth with water and rub the plates. Repeat if necessary until the plates shine clean. Wipe down the water with a dry towel and make sure it’s completely dry before using it again.

Solution 4: Clean your flat iron with a relaxer

You can use a few ordinary products to clean your straighter and flat iron for clothes. Relaxer too. Try the tips I suggested and continue using only one that fits you best. If you decide to go with the relaxer, you will need a moisten fabric or towel and creams relaxer.

How to Clean Flat Iron

You will pour between 12 and 15 drops on the plates once they’re entirely cool. Spread the content with your fingers and make sure to cover the entire surface of the plates. After, plug in the iron and allow the iron to get warm and unplug it again. Let it cool off and remove the creams relaxer with the moistened towel. You’re good to go.

Solution 5: Clean your flat iron with hydrogen peroxide + baking soda

This is one of the most famous ways to clean a flat iron. Mix around ¼ cup of baking soda with hydrogen peroxide until it turns into a paste. Rub it onto the plates of your flat iron with your fingers. Make sure it’s cool, so you don’t burn your skin. It will remove all the hair products and make your flat iron shiny again. Remove it when done.

Solution 6: Clean your flat iron with a toothbrush

You can use a gentle toothbrush to clean your flat iron. It’s simple. Just scrub the spots along with the edges and you’re good to go. This is a good tip to use if you’re not into straightening your hair that often or don’t use hair products but want to keep your straightener clean. You can apply the same tip when it comes to flat iron for clothes.

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Solution 7: Clean your flat iron with Magic Eraser

You can also use Magic Eraser to clean your flat iron. It contains a mixture of formaldehyde, melamine, water, and sodium bisulfite. All these ingredients make it possible for you to remove those oil stains and hair products on the plates.

What’s the best way to keep my flat iron clean?

Although these methods are very useful and efficient, the best way to keep your flat iron clean is to clean it on a daily basis. But only if you use it on a daily basis, of course. Otherwise, use it after every usage. Daily maintenance is crucial in preventing your flat iron from getting dirty.

Some people cannot deal with a dirty straightener or flat iron for clothes and throw it away instead of trying to clean it. But why spend money on a new one later, when you can spend one minute of your time to give it a proper care?

All you need to do is use a wet towel or alcohol to maintain it daily. Or some of the more efficient solutions I’ve mentioned before if you use too many hair products.

How to tell if my straighter or flat iron for clothes is really clean?

After you clean your straighter or flat iron for clothes, the next time you use it, it should glide smoothly through your hair or your clothes. If you use to apply some of the tips I’ve mentioned, expect a minor smell or smoking the next time you use it. It will stop in a few minutes. However, don’t forget to leave it to dry completely before you use it again. Keep yourself and your home safe.

Extra tip: Watch out for cracks or damaged parts before cleaning

Before you apply any of the solutions I’ve suggested, examine your straightener or flat iron for clothes. Look for damaged parts or cracks.

If it’s the plastic that’s damaged, feel free to clean it. However, if the plates are damaged or broken, don’t apply the solutions that recommend using water or alcohol.

The liquid can enter the inside of your straightener or flat iron for clothes and damage the entire product. It’s best to throw it away if dirty and not able to clean it, instead of burning down your home. It’s cheaper to buy a new flat iron than a new home, right?

Make sure it’s in top condition before cleaning it, in order to avoid accidents such as having your straightener or flat iron for clothes explode in your face. Replace it with a new one if damaged and learn from your mistakes.

Daily maintenance is a key factor in keeping your beauty products clean and safe to use. Same goes for the other products you use on a daily basis. It’s always to spend a minute on cleaning than spending money on a new product.

If you have money to throw and you don’t care, keep doing what you’re doing. But know that keeping your products clean, especially flat iron has a positive effect on your hair.

If it’s dirty, your hair will get dirty after using it. I tell from experience that when using a straightener with visible oil stains or hair products, my hair gets sticky after.

I also noticed that my straightener became weaker over time. It’s not as effective as it was before. And I guess it’s because of the poor maintenance. Learn from my mistake and give your flat iron the proper care in order to keep it shiny clean and effective.

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