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7 Tips on How to Clean Clogged Pores

7 Tips on How to Clean Clogged Pores

Skin ailments are as old as the pyramids of Egypt. Little wonder, Cleopatra of Egypt depended on not-so -secret potions and tricks to keep her skin supple and sleek. In the modernistic times, beauty enthusiasts have taken some bizarre routes such as ‘vampire facials’ to keep their skin young forever. In the pursuit of a problem-free skin, more women are willing to go to the ends of the earth to unravel mysteries that will solve different skin diseases.

It is no news that skin problems are the bane of beauty. Amongst these are issues like melasma, sunburn, acne caused by unclogged pores. In this post, more light will be thrown on clogged pores. What actually causes your pores to clog? You may ask, well, multiple reasons and here they are.

Causes of clogged pores

Like every other living cell in our bodies, our skin has cells that are kept alive by glands. The skin being the largest organ of the body has some little openings that helps sebum (oil) to flow to the surface. Within these openings, are hair follicles which serve perform a variety of functions.

Sometimes, the sebum secreted by the body can be in excess. Oversecretion of the sebum leads to clogging of the openings called ‘pores’. Clogged pores are perfectly normal but their after effects can cause acne and blemish. If you observe any of these, your pores are a risk of being clogged;

  • Dead skin that looks blotchy
  • Excess oil
  • Poor facial cleansing regimen
  • Lots of sweating
  • Hormones
  • Allergies
  • Poor dietary habits
  • Pathogenic infections.

Clogged pores are not age dependent, however, there are skyrocketing rates of incidence of clogged pores in individuals who are experiencing puberty. Puberty is plagued with lots of changes in the body which includes hormonal secretion which can trigger pores to get clogged.

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How to Clean Clogged Pores

Finding out if you have a clogged pore is as easy as taking a walk in the park. Your skin will tell you. From acne, to whiteheads to blackheads, find out how clogged pores manifest.

How to Clean Clogged face Pores


Now, acne can be caused by different reasons but acne caused by clogged pores are easy to identify. If the acne on your face has a whitehead, all you have to do is gently touch the blemish and see if it brings out a whitehead. It is important that you do not confuse a whitehead with pus. Pus-filled acne are usually cystic. If you notice the presence of a whitehead in your acne, it means your pore has been infected by clogging caused by makeup, oil, dirt or sweat.

Visible blackheads on an acne

Can you feel a blackhead on that acne on your face when touched? This is a sign that there is an inflammation on your pores.

White spots dotting the facial skin

Lately, you have been observing some itty-bitty white spots on some areas of your face like your chin, nose and mouth, right? There is a probability that clogged pores are the culprits. These tiny spots are quite invisible but not entirely painless when you touch them. These pores manifest on your skin when your skin care regimen is very poor. If you sleep with your make up or use comedegenic make up, you might experience these white spots sooner than later. I

Inflammation of pores

Are the pores on your skin quite big and red? This is a sign of an inflammation and it points to the fact that your pores are clogged. Dirt, oil, inadequate diet and allergens can be the culprits.

Pores on the nose

One of the hotspots for clogged pores is the nose. The reason for this is not far-fetched. Naturally, the pores on the nose are the largest on every facial skin. The sebaceous glands located under the nose are also larger. Individuals with oily skin are prone to having recurrent clogged pores on their nose. In the same vein, enlargement of the pores on your nose can be caused by hereditary factors.

So, you see, you might not really be the cause of what ails you. The bad news is that you cannot make the pores disappear totally but wait….it is encouraging to know that you are in luck! You can remedy the situation, how so you may ask. You can really shrink these embarrassing pores to make them smaller and negligible.

Causes of pores on the nose

The causes of pores on the nose are basically the causes of pores on the entire face. Let’s see how these pores can be made less visible.

Unclogging nasal pores

The first step to making sure that the pores on your nose go down is by ensuring that your nose is clean. Strip your face off every form of debris, oil, dirt and make up. These tips have been proven to be very helpful;

1. Get rid of every makeup before bed

Do not be in such a hurry to hit the sack. Moreso, wearing non-comedogenic makeup does not give you the liberty to sleep while wearing your make up. Skin-friendly makeup products can still clog and enlarge your pores if you fail to wash them off all through the night. Simply use an alcohol-free cleanser to cleanse your face before washing with a mild soap. This will help to reduce the appearance of the pores.

2. Practice a proper cleansing regimen

The importance of cleansers cannot be overemphasized. Cleansers help to get rid of excess oil, bacteria and dirt from your nose. It is recommended that you use a mild cleanser twice daily. This should be done early in the mornings and in the evenings. If your pores are clogged because you suffer from oily skin. Your best option is to opt for gel/cream based facial cleansers that will help to clean out the pores on the nose without causing any form of irritation.

3. Moisturizing

Your skin needs all the water it can get, allow it drink. It might be a tad confusing as to why moisturizers is needed to help keep the secretions of the sebum glands of the nose under check. It is imperative to know that after cleansing, the skin might be at risk of over drying. An extremely dry skin causes the glands to produce more oil which can aggravate the issue. This is why it is good to follow every cleansing episode with a good moisturizer. The best moisturizers to go for are gel/water based moisturizers. Such moisturizers help to unclog pores.

4. Exfoliation

One of the hallmarks of a good skin care regimen is Exfoliation. Dead skin cells are some of the reasons why the pores of your nose are clogged. The best solution is the get rid of this dead cells. Let them fall off to reveal new skin with opened pores. Exfoliate your skin at most three times every week. There are cream based formula like scrubs as well as chemical and mechanical means of exfoliation.

While all have been proven to be very effective in different skin diseases, exfoliants such as scrubs are the best treatments for clogged pores on the nose. The most effective means of applying these scrubs is not by scrubbing aggressively but by carefully massaging the product on your nose then allow it to penetrate the pores.

5. Deep-cleansing with clay masks

Let’s face it. There is so much ado about clay masks and they do live up to the hype. Clay masks are simply amazing and are a must-have for every man or woman out there who wants to have the pores on their nose reduced. Clay masks draw out the plugs in the pores of your nose and help to reduce their sizes. Masks can be a bit drying so it is important to use them about 2-3 times weekly.

6. Steaming

Steaming is one of the go-to means of unclogging pores on the nose. It works well. All you have to do is heat water to boiling temperature, pour the hot water into a bowl and angle your face over the heat. Cover your head with a washcloth while your face is directly in contact with the heat (from a little distance, please!) The steam gently opens the pores. Do this for very few minutes, pat your skin dry with a clean cloth and allow your skin to breath for about a minute before dabbing toner on the opened pores.

7. Use topnotch Over The Counter products.

Over The Counter products rank high when it comes to combating clogged pores on the nose. A few effective products you should look out for when buying products to shrink your pores include; oil mattifiers, nose strips, oil-blotting sheets, sunscreen that do not clog pores and products that contain salicylic acid.

It is vital to know that while the aforementioned products might work well, they may not give you the moon on a stick immediately. Other factors such as skin type and even your environment might slow down your progress and make you want to give up. Patience is key! Fret not! You are on the right track, it is only a little while before you will wake up one morning and find the zits gone.

In addition, using the best cleansers, clay masks and exfoliants may not totally curb the problem of enlarge pores on the nose (though they have been proven to be highly effective). This occurs mostly in extreme cases. If you ever get to notice this, it might be time to ring your dermatologist.