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How to Sleep with Wet Hair Without Messing It Up

We all been there. You are taking a shower just before bed and isn’t in the mood to dry your hair before bedtime. Who would anyway blow dry their hair, just to mess it up while sleeping? How do you sleep with wet hair so that you don’t spend hours […]

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Can You Leave Conditioner in your Hair: Ask the Expert

Conditioner is the key element to a healthy and beautiful hair. Some hairstylists even agree that the conditioner you are using is more important than the shampoo, since it is the last layer of protection you add to your hair. But to enjoy all these benefits, you need to apply […]

Deep Condition Natural Hair

How to Deep Condition Natural Hair DIY Guide

Deep conditioners, aka hair masks, are probably the most important part of natural hair regimen. You probably wonder why you need to deep condition your hair in the first place. Curly and natural hair is prone to breakage and sometimes simple conditioners would not condition your hair strands well enough. […]

how to fix a cowlick

How To Get Rid Of a Cowlick (Quick Fix Guide)

You just woke up and looked at the mirror to see the cowlick showing up and spoiling your look. You obviously became frustrated as it may seem not an immediate thing to fix the cowlick. Besides, if you have an intention to impress people with your appearance, you have to […]

how to lighten dyed hair without bleach

How to Lighten Black Hair without Bleach

If you are like me then you most probably know the dangers of using bleach to try and lighten your black hair. It all started when I was in high school and all the cool girls had lighter hair. To try and fit in I decide to do what no […]

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How Do Weaves Work: All you Need to Know!

As a young lady who prefers natural beauty to makeup, I was recently looked down upon by my boyfriend when he saw me walk inside a salon to buy a weave. He did not say it but I could see the disbelief in his eyes. I wanted to explain everything […]