Hair Care

Red Tones in Hair

How to Neutralize Red Tones in Hair At Home

It can happen to anyone. You tried to color your hair brown or blond, and instead, you are getting red tones in your hair. It can be because you have red pigments in your hair, or just because you have purchased a cheap hair color. The question that you should […]

Layered vs Non-Layered Hair

Layered vs Non-Layered Hair: What’s the Difference?

Layered or non-layered hair. This is the question that many women are asking. For some layered hair is so much easier to handle, while some might not like the feel and look of a layered hairstyle. What is the difference between layered and non-layered hair, and what should you consider […]

Grow Out a Bob

How to Grow Out a Bob Fast Timeline

I’ve grown out a bob two times in my life. But if you count the times my mother cut all my hair before the beginning of every school year, I probably have grown out a bob at least 10 times. And I kind of liked it. But it gets boring […]