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Get Platinum Blonde Hair from Golden Blonde

How to Get Platinum Blonde Hair from Golden Blonde

Platinum blonde is high fashion at the moment. Every second person has this blond is thinking about getting this blond hair. But, can you get platinum blonde hair from a golden blonde? This is a question that many people are asking. The answer is yes you can get platinum blonde […]

Keep Your Grey Hair White

How To Keep Your Grey Hair White

Grey hair is a striking look that we love on others but we struggle to make the bold move ourselves, in fact, we put it off as much as possible. Whether you’re naturally turning grey or you want to rock a silvery grey shade to make a statement, you won’t […]

long layers

Long Layers vs Short Layers (5 Cute Hairstyle Ideas)

Many wonder what is the difference between long layers and short layers. And most of them believe that having long or short layers has something to do with the length of the hair. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s their height that determines them. Having “long layers” […]

Does Shampoo Expire

How Long Does Shampoo Stay Good?

We spend some of our most relaxing times lathering up inside the shower, soaking our bodies in that warm trickling water; easing the aches of the day away. But, how many times have we tried to check the things that make up our shower house? Definitely, we are asking about […]

Gray With Dark Hair

How to Go Gray With Dark Hair

Trends change almost daily, and with the hair being one of the center points for style, you can expect that it leads to this trend. Well, that’s very much the case with a lot of people. At least, with all the questions we’ve gotten from our followers over the years, […]