Hair Care

Regrow Edges

10 Ways to Regrow Edges Fast & Naturally

Whether you prefer wear your hair braided or slicked back or free in their fuzzy glory, if you aren’t too careful you might just face a natural hair nightmare! Yes, we are talking about the nightmare that leaves you with the ultimate question- How do I grow my edges back?! […]

Prevent Hair Loss

7 Natural Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

A luxurious, beautiful head of hair is the almost-impossible dream of most modern women, with the stresses of daily life, pollution and fast-paced lifestyles taking their toll. If you’re among those who despair about your hair, the pain of brushing out your tresses only to be depressed with hair loss […]

best toners for brassy hair

Best Toner For Brassy Hair [Top 8 Reviewed]

What is brassy hair? Brassy hair is normal hair but with unwanted color tones such as orange and yellowish hues that none of us actually appreciate. Human hair has a number of underlying color tones that start to appear if you dye your hair red or blond. Coloring your hair might […]

How to Thicken Hair

How To Thicken Hair Ultimate Guide

Since the creation of human being hair has been counted as a significant and integral part of our outer looks. Besides serving different purpose, hair also perform the aesthetic function of enhancing beauty and personality to a person. Our hairstyle defines our personality and makes a permanent impression on others […]