Can you Shower with a New Tattoo? (Helpful Tips)

Shower with a New Tattoo

Are you planning to have a new tattoo shortly? Or do you have a new symbol and wondering whether you can take a shower with your new tattoo and whether this would have any effect on you? This article is your best option as it will show you as it will show you how you can shower with a new tattoo and also give you the tips that make things easy after getting a new tattoo. Also, the article will also cover on some of the central frequently asked questions while providing the answers to the same.

With a properly new tattoo that is done excellently by the artist would be one of the most exciting things to you. For enough preparations on every person willing to have a tattoo, it is essential to be well conversant with the healing process of a new tattoo.

This is so as the healing of the tattoo does not end when the needle stops but it has to take some reasonable healing time. During this time, care on the tattoo should be taken to ensure that there are no disappointments and that you get the best from the healing process.

Can you Shower with a New Tattoo

Before you decide to have a new tattoo on your body, there are some things you need first to be aware of indicated in this article and they include;

It is there forever. The first thing you need to realize that the tattoo is there to stay for the rest of the life. This, therefore, necessitates for taking great care in the healing process for the new tattoo. This becomes a part of you, and hence it must excite you the rest of your life.

Bed preparation is essential. To avoid your bed sheets being covered by the tattoo stain, you will have to prepare it correctly as you sleep with the new tattoo. Ensure that you don’t sleep with the tattoo covered by a bandage unless you are asked to do so. Also, let the tattoo lie on a towel while resting. Finally, change the position where you usually sleep such as sleeping on your stomach if you are used to sleeping on your back. In case the tattoo has stuck in the sheets, do not pull it but rather drain warm water on the point of joining and then allow it to fall by itself.

Never pick at your tattoo scabs during the healing process. During the healing process as the tattoo is almost completely healed one begins to see scabbing. When you pull the stabs, you will find yourself picking the tattoo’s color. Instead of picking the stab yourself, let it peel itself as it heals which will ensure that the tattoo sustains its standard color.

Tattoo’s best dress code. With a new tattoo, what you where in its healing process will matter to a great extent. In the typical situation for perfect results, you need to give the tattoo enough breathing space. This means that no tight clothing will be encouraged along the tattoo area. This will additionally avoid any rubbing that would be done on the tattoo.

Avoid direct sun exposure. Direct sun exposure is one of the greatest tattoo destroyers. When exposed to sunlight, the tattoo will have uneven healing, lightening of the tattoo and even lead to scarring. Where you have to be on sun exposure do the following.

  • Avoid the use of tanning beds till your new tattoo is completely healed.
  • At points of sun exposure, ensure that you put on loose clothing which covers the new tattoo and prevents it from direct sunlight.
  • Make use of sunscreen to cover your new tattoo if you have to be in the sun exposure.

Working with the new tattoo. In case you are involved in very tiresome activities which lead to sweating your new tattoo would get some infection which would be harmful. To avoid this, you need to ensure the following is done to ensure that your new tattoo remains healthy;

  • Ensure that the tattoo is cleaned before moving to the activity and apply ointment to the new tattoo.
  • Carry a towel to your place of the task such as in a gym place which will be used in laying down on for the protection of your tattoo.
  • Clean all equipment being used before and after they have been used to avoid any forms of infection.

Exposure to water both in showering and swimming. It is not advisable to have your new tattoo exposed to water though to some extent; it has to come into contact with water. With this, there is then some advice on how to keep your new tattoo. Ensure that you use lukewarm water when cleaning your tattoo. After cleaning it, dab it and let it dry by itself after which you can then apply the ointment. Ensure that the new tattoo doesn’t stay on the water for a long time, avoid hot water and avoid swimming.

Can you Shower with a New Tattoo

Tips to Make Things Easy After Getting a New Tattoo

A tattoo is expected to have some challenges that may make it difficult and make it a rough time sustaining the new tattoo. One in most instances will feel some discomfort led by the pain from the new tattoo. With this, there is a need to get ways in which one will enjoy having a new tattoo without experiencing a hard time. This article provides some of the tips in which you will make things easy with your new tattoo, and they include:

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  • Proper feeding. This is beneficial in adding your stamina which can sustain the pain that comes with the tattoo. Take diet with more energy giving foods such as starch and glucose. This, also, will be used in the recovery of some cells that are burned during the process of art. Enough feeding as well as with the appropriate diet, therefore, becomes very necessary for your enjoyment.
  • Remain sober. Avoid taking alcohol in time when you have a new tattoo. Alcohol will cause excessive bleeding during the tattooing process. This is so since alcohol makes your blood to become thinner hence leading to increasing bleeding from the expected bleeding. Also, when your blood gets thinner, the skin would have problems in accepting the ink color and hence require a more extended period.
  • Ensure enough hydration. Enough hydration through taking plenty of water is one of the best tips for making things more relaxed with your new tattoo. Well-Hydrated skin will improve the ink absorption hence speeding up the tattooing process. This will ensure that the new tattoo heals faster compared to other tattoos with minimal water levels in the body.
  • Put your concentration on other things. Avoid putting your whole concentration on your new tattoo. This will increase the level of pain you feel rather than one whose concentration is in another area. You can do this by putting up some music in which you can shift your concentration to or speaking to your friends.
  • Ensure that you rest. As most of the energy is required in the tattooing process, there will need to have a lot of rest time. This will be used as a strategy to preserve your energy for the tattoo. This, as a result, will lead to quick healing of your tattoo and with minimal pains on you.
  • Chat with your friends. Chatting up and speaking will block some of the tattoo pain as well as speed up the healing process of the tattoo. Most of the tattoo artists for this case, are more conversational while making your tattoo to ensure that you get comfortable with your new tattoo.
  • Get breaks for inputting your new tattoo. The body will get different levels of pain at different body parts. Parts such as chest, feet, and hands are more painful, and it would be tough to get along with them. To ensure you get ease with the new tattoo, ask your artist for some breaks in which you can take in kinds of stuff such as glucose which will re-energize your body.
  • You can use medications to go easy with it. Use of some of the approved anesthetics for tattooing only will be one of the best tips to go ease with your new tattoo. The anesthetics come in the form of sprays, foaming soaps, numbing gels which can be used for pain relief after and during the tattooing process. Also, these anesthetics will speed up the healing process to fewer days than the regular healing period.

How to Shower with a New Tattoo

After moving from the studio after the tattooing, you will need to take your shower usually. This is the big question for most of the people with a new tattoo whether or not they can take a shower with a new tattoo. The answer is ‘yes’ but with a few rules which will avoid your tattoo being tampered with. Most of the tattoo artists will advise you to take at least one day before taking a shower after the end of the tattooing.

The following are some of the steps you should use in the shower with a new tattoo:

  • Setting water temperatures. Lukewarm water is the best-preferred showering water for your new tattoo. Avoid hot and cold water but instead, set your shower till the water running is lukewarm. Hot water may cause swelling in the area of tattoo and pain. Besides, it may lead to your skin pores opening up that may lead to the loss of the tattoo color. Additionally, ensure that your shower doesn’t run too powerfully as it may push away the tattoo ink.
  • Wetting your tattoo. After ensuring that the showering water is lukewarm, you can now start showering by carefully wetting the tattooed area. While wetting the tattoo, avoid directly wetting from the shower head, but you can get it with your hands collecting the water from the running water. By doing this, you will minimize the possibility of pushing away the ink from the tattoo.
  • Clean the tattoo gently. By the use of a bar of soap that does not contain any fragrance as well as a skin-sensitive one, clean the tattoo by rubbing the soap gently over the tattoo. Clean the excess blood, and ink from the tattoo. After cleaning with the soap, wash with the lukewarm water to wash away the soap.
  • Take less time in the shower. After completing cleaning your tattoo, avoid excess time in the shower to avoid your tattoo from fading due to eroding of the ink. Excess of water and steam will dilute the tattoo ink which leads to fading while too much soap can wash away the ink. The steam from the shower will open up the pores causing the tattoo to be drawn from the tattooed area. To ensure it is safe, take less time in the shower.
  • Drying the tattoo. Avoid drying the tattoo area by the use of a towel but let the tattoo to dry by itself naturally. A towel may contain some bacteria that may infect your tattoo area leading to an infection.
  • Moistening the tattoo area. Addition of lotion on your dried tattoo area is beneficial as it avoids excessive dryness in the tattoo area. Besides, lotions are rich in minerals and vitamins that speed up the tattoo’s healing period. Use clean hands while applying the lotion as well as apply the lotion very gently. Avoid excess lotion but use the right amount of lotion.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tattooing

  • Is tattooing safe for my health? With a professional artist, you are assured of safety if the artist follows the safety precautions for tattooing.
  • Does a tattoo hurt? Yes, a tattoo might hurt as you have to endure some pain. In this case, though, the pain is relative to different persons. The pain on average is very minimal and not excessively hurting and for a short period.
  • Is it expensive? This is relative to the quality of tattoo you require. It is recommended you go for the best quality from the experienced tattoo artists as it is there for a lifetime. Don’t consider the cost but focus on the quality you receive.
  • What if I am sick, can I get a tattoo? Tattooing requires lots of white blood cells for the healing hence it is not advisable to have a tattoo when you have health issues as the healing period would belong.
  • Can I use pictures to get my tattoo? Yes, you can use other tattoo pictures, but this is not preferable. Being unique is everyone’s desire. Use other tattoo pictures to get a rough idea and then ask your artist to custom for you a picture that is unique on its own.

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