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10 Best Primer For Large Pores 2022

10 Best Primer For Large Pores 2022

If you’re wondering where were you when this revolutionary product took over the market, don’t worry we got your back. Here we would tell you exactly what a primer is, how does it help and which ones are available out there!

Primer is an amalgamated paste of Vitamin E extract and base which could be different for different primers.

It’s put before you put foundations and makes you look so much better than you would after using a lot of foundation on your pores. Everyone has patchy skin these days; look at the growing pollution and heat!

List of Top Primers

  1. BECCA Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector (Linked to Amazon)
  2. The POREfessional Face Primer
  3. Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer
  4. Colorescience Even Up Clinical SPF 50 Pigment Perfector Primer
  5. SMASHBOX Photo Finish Foundation Primer
  6. Check More

Do you feel awkward when you patchy skins even show after makeup? Grab a seat and watch these amazing brewed potions turn your skin from patchy to perfect.

These magical potions are classified into two types –

  • Silicone-based: These are thicker and have a more consistent solution which works very well for skin with pores, acne, scars, wrinkles or fine lines. The silicon makes a shield on the skin and makes a protective covering preventing the makeup to sink into the pores of the skin and harm it of any kind. And if you use a silicone-based foundation, it’s going to be on top! The silicon-based primers are considered the best primer.
  • Water-based: This type of primers are slightly lightweight and less viscous which blend in perfectly with water-based foundations. These are easier to apply and don’t need much strength to put.

Best Primer for Large Pores

You have to remember that this wonderful shield is put on your face before the foundation is put and it would suit you best if you first apply a moisturizer. The moisturizer basically nourishes your skin and repairs the damage which could increase if you put on makeup. Some studies even bring up that the scales on your skin increase because of applying excessive makeup directly on the skin.

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Here we give you the best primer for pores so that you have your options and pick the best!

1. BECCA Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector

Primers look up to this product from BECCA to be the blotting sheet. It takes up all the oil from your face giving it an oil-free look. The water-based product is harmless in its own ways. It would take your makeup to the roots and go till depths to give it a natural look.

Remember how we always look at models and drool over the smooth matte look they have got? Well, you have your solution right here! It provides your skin a matte finish. If your skin is oilier than most people don’t worry. It would give you enough options to merge the solution with other foundations so as to keep the look oil free and more attractive.

Likes Dislikes
  • Water-based
  • Alcohol-free
  • All skin types
  • Least consumed
  • pore filler primers
  • No sun protection
  • No anti-aging properties

This primer is specially made for oily skin. Being water based makes it truly light weighted and a perfect blend in with makeup. It claims for a 12-hour life but mostly survives till 8 hours. Usually, the matte finish doesn’t last as long but is the highlight of every show in the initial few hours.

It’s made to target the T zone and other areas of your face which are prone to produce good amounts of oil on your skin. Usually, people with normal skin find it difficult to work with this type of primers because it makes their skin feel dry at places and appear slightly patchy. To win over this you can always use a good moisturizing lotion so that your skin is not dry and is evenly nourished.

2. The POREfessional Face Primer Full Size 0.75 oz

Not a beholder of flawless skin? Feel bad about the pores and marks on your face? Most beauty products are not able to make your face canvas painted? Do not worry we have your back.

This product from POREfessional would make sure that not only your pores are hidden and made up; also the tint of your face color perfectly blends in with the primer just giving your skin a look which you deserve, which also makes it one of the right pore primer.

This silicon-based primer is oil free and you would see it giving the best results on skins with even large pores and uneven scales. You don’t need to put any moisturizer before you put this magical lotion as it comes in with its own shield for protection against the harmful particles which can get into your skin and harm it internally.

Likes Dislikes
  • Silicon based
  • Oil free
  • For larger pores
  • Increases life of makeup
  • Suited with foundation
  • No anti aging
  • No sun protection
  • Not for oily skin


This type of primer can be used both over and under the makeup, only the application procedure changes. It can even give you a matte look if rightly applied and create the blazing look you’ve been craving for. A slight drawback is that sometimes the effects aren’t as good on the oily skin as they are on the normal or dry skin.

3. Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener

One of the first products we would be looking at is this highly useful product from Jane Iredale. This water-based primer is your first pit stop if you are looking for a base which would let your makeup stay and also improve your skin from dull to glowing. It reduces sweating and irritation so as to make your skin look healthier and glossier.

Don’t mistake it to be a primer which would give you an oily appearance. It’s enriched with apple extracts so as to fortify the essence of a primer and make a drastic change in the life of the make-up you have put.

Likes Dislikes
  • Water-based
  • Comes in 3 flavors
  • Apple extracts
  • Green & White tea leaf extracts
  • Grapefruit extract
  • Anti-aging formula
  • Brightens the skin
  • Doesn’t go well with other BB creams for amalgamation
  • No sunscreen

For the people who are fond of their makeup being of different variety and a cassette to choose from, this seems to be the best product in town as it comes in three different extract flavors. It can be used for normal skin type to the vast edgy categories but it would show the best results with the normal skin.

Some people who are fond of skin lightening creams etc are not very friendly with this product because the primer doesn’t go well with the tone regulators and often fail to give positive results.

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4. Colorescience Even Up Clinical SPF 50 Pigment Perfector Primer

The primer from Colorescience has a reason to be on the top among people who have larger skin pores and slightly mature skin. If you are among those people, this is one product you will surely like. It blends in perfectly with your blush and actually gives a glow to your cheeks.

It helps reduce the freckles and red spots which are found on most of the faces of females these days because of the growing pollution. It majorly works on the pores in the specific area on the face and gives a uniform look to the face. This paste is helpful for the regeneration of scales on your face and provides a healthier look.

Likes Dislikes
  • Silicon-based
  • Instantly codes to the skin tone
  • Sunscreen protection
  • SPF 20
  • Anti-aging
  • The paste could be really thick to put
  • Sometimes expires before the expiry date

This silicon-based primer is good for the skin with larger pores and more number of freckles as it has in it to blend with the colors and produce a uniform appearance on the outside. It provides the best sun protection as any on this blog and would be the pick for a primer for large pores.

It just sometimes is not very user-friendly because of its viscous appearance and blotchy appeal. There have been certain complaints about the product expiring before the given expiry date but you can refer to storage directions to increase the shelf life to its best.

5. SMASHBOX Photo Finish Primer Unificateur Deteint

This is something new by SMASHBOX and its a great pore minimizing primer. You’d be diverging the class of foundation and primers differently. Also, it’s not supposedly specific that the primers are either water-based or silicon-based. What if some product offers you a combination of water and silica?

What if it says that you need not apply foundation but always just put your primer and start with your rest of the cascade? Here we present to you the gel-based primer and the revolutionary product which is becoming the buyer’s favorite item on this list.

Likes Dislikes
  • Gel-based
  • For all skin types
  • Dryness solution
  • Instant drying
  • Hydraplex imbedded
  • Product can sometimes smell like gasoline
  • It could make the skin look a bit oily

This one primer is specially made available because of us who have larger pores than the others and are subjected to use some extra lotions on our face before we could apply makeup.

This is more viscous than other primers because of the more number of constituents in it. Like there is a blended gel, some vitamin extracts and even extract from dessert plants to give a moisturized look for glowing skin. Just make sure you look up the necessary user manual before going ahead with the application.

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6. NYX Studio Perfect Primer

When we have someone who works as a professional, some tip top professional results are bound to come our way. The primer from NYX Studio not only promises a silkier appearance, but it also increases the strength of your makeup by putting a lock on it. It’s made available in different shades for different users according to their different styles and freckles.

The shades are – Clear; to hide the normal lines and scales on your face, Lavender; to decrease the increased skin tone set on your face in certain areas like around the nose and below the eyes & Green so as to hide the redness around the cheeks which could be either because of a slight sun rash or freckles. What do we wait for! We can all have the type we look best in and glam it up!

Likes Dislikes
  • Silicon based
  • Comes in different colors
  • Sun screen
  • Nourishes the skin
  • Longer life of makeup
  • No anti aging
  • Skin becomes a bit dry


It gives almost the matte look of the electronic devices we have been drooling on. Or the time we saw it on Kylie Jenner! This primer drops down to an almost powdery touch and encompasses with a moisturizer in virtue.  If you flag a dry skin then you may not want to invest in this product because in some cases there have been catastrophic results on dry skins where the skin started feeling patchy and burning sensations over it.

For people with normal skin, steer right through this is quite a good pore filler primer! All you would read is to read the user guide before starting off with your battle against pores.

7. Hourglass Cosmetics Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15

This is what we need- a primer which not only locks your makeup to give it a shinier appeal but also provides sun protection with SPF 15 and anti-aging formula. This is the product from Hourglass who are promising a round the clock makeup life and better look with this primer.

It would hit exactly on the places with red spots and conceal them behind a canvas of absolute perfection. It would be the top product in the market for providing an all in one supremely airy and cloud-like texture. It goes beyond what other primers in the sector do to conceal every spot on your skin and pores so that you become the beholder of the best look ever.

It would leave no stone unturned for giving you a look to make your day. This won’t let you get seen with any pores or fine lines or even those scales which are easily visible near the chin. It is embedded with titanium so that it helps heal the scratches on the skin which would have earlier caused a burning sensation but the titanium repairs it and enriches it giving a cool feeling. This is basic primer would make you feel like a shield bearer where you primer would repel traces of water and go smug free all day.

Likes Dislikes
  • Silicon based
  • Sun screen
  • SPF 15
  • Anti aging
  • Titanium blazed
  • Water repellent
  • Vegan
  • Not much pocket friendly

Listen girl, it’s totally your thing if you have a sensitive and acne prone skin. The perfect equilibrium between Titanium and Zinc oxide helps it to create the best look on the blog without any greasy or oil smug look. This primer, unlike most others, does not initiate clogging of the pores on the skin or highlight the fine lines after hours of application. It would stay and let the makeup also have a longer life in hand with the foundation.

8. Too Faced Cosmetics Primed and Poreless

If I tell you, all you have to do is put foundation, would you believe it? What if this product from Too Faced promises to give you your best look with the perfect blend in foundations? It gives you the flawless appeal with its nourishing Vitamin A & C supplements. These supplements not only help in retrieving your original skin, but also help in repairing the damage which it had to go through because of the particulate matter in the surroundings.

Also the fruity fragrance of the primer should be credited to the mulberry extracts which are added to the primer for a fresher and perfumed aura. It’s enriched with Retinol which would just be the thing all the other primers have been missing. It’s the ultimate stop solution for banishing pores and adequately hydrating your skin to give you a blazing look.

This primer makes sure you are party ready even after a hectic day at work out there in the polluted streets.  Your skin would start appearing younger and fresher before you would even be ready to step out!

Likes Dislikes
  • Silicon-based
  • Anti-aging
  • Hydrating fluid
  • Longer life to makeup
  • Perfect blend-in with skin tone
  • Vitamin extracts
  • Not effective for oily skin
  • Overuse may sometimes create a burning sensation

You can’t decide whether to call your skin dry or oily – because, in some places, the oil ducts seem to be jammed, but in other places they outshine everything. Not to worry. This product is your perfect pick. This primer works for both oily and dry skin. It is just the best makeup primer for large pores. Though if your skin is very oily, it might fail, but otherwise, it would just do what you desire. It would be advised to also dab your skin with an effective sunscreen so as to save your skin from the harmful effects which retinol might have.

9. theBalm Time Balm Face Primer

theBalm brings you that product you would majorly need if you are a person with soft sensitive skin and cannot go applying all what’s been put up on the streets. If you need a proper look up about the harshness of the lotion and you tend to drop most of the lotions or primers because it was too strong and gave your skin rashes, this is just the perfect choice for you.

It has Vitamin A, C & E extracts for your baby soft skin and would help you do what all these girls on makeup tutorials keep doing. It would help you achieve that look without sacrificing your skin for a day.

You can look what you’ve been wanting to! Your time of feeling sidelined is over and now you’re not far from the diva look you’ve always wanted!

Just pitch in for this product and help yourself do things you always wished to. It would be the best if you put in some moisturizer on your skin before going ahead with the primer preparations. It would increase the time you makeup stays and also give you a look you never got before.

Likes Dislikes
  • Silicon based
  • Vitamin extracts
  • Anti aging
  • Especially for soft skin
  • No sun protection
  • May cause a burning sensation if overused

If you have damaged patchy skin, this primer would nourish it and also help to repair the damage which previously has been done.

You have to make sure that your skin is well hydrated and moisturized before you apply this primer because that helps in keeping up the makeup and also sustaining the party-star look for which you have done all these tiresome activities. It is good for small pores and not much-damaged skin but for skin which has larger pores and scales, this primer might fail to work and start giving up.

10. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – Hydrating

How about you create masterpieces like Picasso? What of this primer gives you that exact canvas appeal to make your face into a phenomenon everyone looks up to? This product from Laura Mercier is that primer which minimizes your fine lines and signs of aging which our skins have started to show because of the growing pollution and global warming!

This superbly crafted primer is a hydrating paste which makes it the best pick for dry skin types and the consistency of the product is silky and smooth so that the application becomes easy.

The anti-oxidant formula helps to protect the skin from micro particles in the surroundings. It creates a smooth surface for you to apply your makeup and make it last longer to make you look fresh all day.

Likes Dislikes
  • Water based
  • Anti aging
  • Sun screen
  • Vitamin extracts
  • Hydrated solution
  • Increases life span of makeup
  • Not for oily skin
  • Sometimes the tone becomes uneven


One of the newest product to be launched in the market it is one of which is becoming favorite of most of the girls out there who love to apply makeup. And why won’t it be! It’s a great pick for dry and normal skin and has all sorts of extracts which help it stay among the favorites.

This water-based primer is proving to be all that we need for starters. The only slight flaw is that sometimes for novices like me who don’t know how to put a primer to use, we end up having an uneven skin tone in the areas with pores. This primer is known to be a good primer for minimizing pores in dry and normal skin types.

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Some tips For Those with Large Pores

Depending on your skin type you should be able to pick the primer which would suit you the best. If you don’t have many pores on your face, some primer with water base would suit you, others who have large pores on their face can look for the best pore primer to help them.

Always keep in mind these things before going for any primer for your skin-

  • Understand your skin type

If you do not understand what category you skin falls in or how would you rate your pore size, then you might be at the risk of using the wrong primer and maybe also facing consequences as a major irreversible damage could be done if you use harsh primers on sensitive skins, or it might be of no use if you put mild primers on dry skin with larger pores. Analyze your skin wisely and then choose your base.

  • Always moisturize your skin before you apply the primer

It is always necessary to keep your skin nourished and hydrated for the upcoming primer and makeup which you are going to put for your big day!

  • Never use more than required

There is always an appropriate ‘pea-sized droplet’ term which is used for the application of the primers on the skin which should be followed very religiously. Over-use of the primers can cause roughness and patchy texture after removal

  • Read proper instructions to apply your primer

You should always go through how to apply your primer and when to apply it. Some primers are put over the makeup, some are flexible and can be put anytime, whereas most of these are put before the makeup is applied. Also, there is a proper flow of motion towards the application of primers which varies for different places in the face.

Your skin deserves the best, and I’m hopeful that this blog ran you through the best primers! So step out in the world, and let you glam takeover everyone with surprise.