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Welcome to the world of makeup! There is a fix for everything in this world. If you have dry skin and you wish to get flawless skin, you have landed at the right page.

You would wonder how you spent all these years without all the makeup goodies! You look at the actresses and models on television and you wonder how they have such flawless skin!

It is time to take your makeup game to the next level. Say no to makeup blunders! Terrible makeup can make the sexiest outfit look extremely bad! You spend a fortune on the most amazing dress for a date but the open pores and dark circles ruin the entire look.

It is time to use a primer! Since the primer is getting popular among women of different age groups, it is important to know as to which brand offers the best. We have created a list of primer for dry skin. Before going through the list, it is important to understand what the primers do and what they are!

What are primers? What do they do? Let us find out!

A cosmetic face primer is a lotion or a cream which is applied before putting on other makeup on your face. How does it help? It improves the coverage and you would be happy to know that it also lengthens the duration of makeup on your face. Most women step out on a sunny day and their makeup does not last for long. If you are stepping out for a party, a wild dance session means your makeup will not last for long!

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Best Primer for Dry Skin

The face primer saves the day by making your skin look flawless. It acts as the perfect coverage and hides all the blemishes on your skin. Do note that many women use the face primer to look perfect!

Who invented the primer? Why was it invented? The primer was originally used by theatre artists to protect their skin from heavy makeup. It extends the makeup duration/life on your skin. It means that you look flawless all day long!

1. Colorescience Skin Bronzing Face SPF 20 Primer

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Do you need a sun-kissed glow? Every woman wants that! If a sun-kissed glow is on your mind then opt for the Colorescience Skin Bronzing Face SPF 20 Primer. It gives a smoothening effect to an uneven skin tone which means you would look perfect all day long. If you have pores and blemishes on your skin, the Colorescience will hide it efficiently!

What do we like about the product?

  • Evens your skin tone
  • Smoothening effect after applying
  • You get a natural bronze look after applying  it
  • Light coverage foundation

What did we NOT like about the product?

  • Some customers felt that the product is darker and is not suitable for dark skin.

2. Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener

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If you are looking for the right primer for dry skin, the Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener is a wise choice. After the first use, you will feel the difference in your skin! It nourishes and smoothens your skin like never before! Also, it has a tempting fragrance which keeps you feeling fresh all day long.

What did we like about the product?

  • It contains grapefruit extract which leaves your skin feeling and looking radiant!
  • It contains apple extract which maintains your skin’s youthfulness.
  • Easy to apply
  • Durable

What did we NOT like about the product?

  • There were some customers, who felt that it did not contribute much in hiding the pores.

3. BareMinerals Original Prime Time Foundation Primer

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BareMinerals is here to cover up all the blemishes on your skin! It is a great product for dry skin because it hides all the dry flakiness on your skin. The dry flakiness could be a turn off and a woman may not be comfortable with it herself! You look fresh and flawless for a longer duration because the BareMinerals product stays for a long time!

What did we like about the product?

  • Covers enlarged pores, rough patches, and fine lines.
  • Long-lasting effect! Your makeup stays on your face for a longer duration!
  • Nourishes and soothes your skin
  • Light and non-sticky

What did we NOT like about the product?

  • Some women did not find it suitable for their skin. It is ideal for dry skin but not oily skin.

4. SMASHBOX Photo Finish Foundation Primer Unificateur Deteint

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The SMASHBOX Photo Finish foundation primer is a transparent gel which blends perfectly. It blurs all the flaws on your skin! You wish for a flawless face for a date or a party and SMASHBOX grants it with ease! It comes at an attractive price and does not burn a hole in the pocket.

What did we like about the product?

  • Ideal for daily use
  • It is light on the skin
  • Decent pricing
  • Your skin looks smooth as it hides all the blemishes and pores on the skin.
  • Leaves your skin feeling nourished and happy.

What did we NOT like about the product?

  • Some women felt that it smells like gasoline.

5. Becca Becca ever matte pore less priming perfector

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Do you believe in the concept of less is more? Well, you need to apply the Becca Becca ever matte pore less priming perfector for flawless skin. All you need to do is apply a thin layer and you are good to go! It is not a gel or cream, it is somewhere in the middle. It is a powdery gel which you can easily apply on your skin.

What did we like about the product?

  • Gives a super clean canvas for makeup!
  • It covers the pimples, blemishes and unevenness on the skin.
  • No fragrance. For those, who have a problem with strong scents, it is a great product.

What did we NOT like about the product?

  • It may not work extremely well for women with oily skin. Some women felt that it leaves their skin patchy.

6. Jouer Anti-Aging Moisture Primer

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The Jouer Anti-Aging Moisture Primer is perfect for dry skin. If you wish to hide the signs of ageing, the Jouer Anti-Aging Moisture primer would be ideal because the peptides present in the moisture primer diminish the wrinkles and fine lines. It also maintains the elasticity of your skin! All you need is a pearl size drop on your palm and apply it on your skin. It gives a fantastic look to your dry and dull skin.

What did we like about the product?

  • It contains peptides which restore the elasticity of your skin. It also helps in diminishing the wrinkles and fine lines.
  • The product contains Shea butter and Argan oil. It lifts your skin and leaves it smooth and happy!
  • It also contains Vitamin E and Ginseng which is good for the overall health of your skin.
  • The product provides moisture to the dry skin! When a woman has dry skin, she may feel irritated but after applying this product, your skin will smooth and hydrated.

What did we NOT like about the product?

  • Some women said that it does not have a long-lasting effect. While most of the reviews were positive, it does not last for too long on some skin types!

7. DHC Velvet Skin Coat

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The DHC Velvet Skin Coat is a product that every woman must have! The powdery gel is ideal for dry skin types. You can wear it before applying foundation or just wear this primer and you would look flawless for the rest of the day! You can use it on your neck and hands as well. Sometimes the neck and hands have blemishes or uneven skin tone. It is best to apply the primer to make it look happy and perfect!

The DHC Velvet Skin coat is used by makeup professionals from all over the world. It is very much in demand and easy to use as well!

What did we like about the product?

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Women are mostly troubled with the blemishes and signs of ageing on their face. The DHC Velvet skin would hide all the fine lines and wrinkles and make your face look bright, happy and youthful!
  • Makes your skin look smooth! If you feel you have too many pores and acne on your skin, just apply this and you will see the miracle!
  • It does not burn a hole in your pocket. You can easily afford the product! The price is low as compared to other products which are available in the market.

What did we NOT like about the product?

  • Some women felt that it does not hydrate their skin.

8. Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer SPF 30 Broad Spectrum

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Do you wish for a natural tint on your gorgeous face? Try the Dermalogica Skin perfect Primer SPF 30 Broad Spectrum. It enhances the radiance on your face and gives a silky smooth finish. It contains the goodness of lavender oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, hydrolyzed soy protein and camellia leaf extract. Apply it on your face and throat and get an instant glow.

What did we like about the product?

  • It is ideal for dry skin.
  • Evens skin tone making it look gorgeous!
  • Enhances the radiance on your face.
  • It protects your skin from sun damage
  • It is easy to apply
  • It blends smoothly on your skin!

What did we NOT like about the product?

  • Some women felt that it does not work well for oily skin. It would be wise to use it on dry skin for best results.

We hope that the list of Best Primer for Dry Skin helped you to choose the best product! Since we want all the women to look gorgeous, we have an extra treat for you!

Buying Guide for Novices

Here is a buying guide for women, who are new to the primer world! This will help you to understand as to which ingredients and qualities you need in a good primer. How to buy the right primer? We shall cover all that and more in this section!

  • Always buy the primer for a reliable site. Most sites sell fake products which are not genuine. A reliable site such as Amazon would be the best portal for buying the products. You can check the reviews and ratings on the site. Also, you would get the product at a discounted price. You can buy it from drug stores and department stores but you may not find the ideal brand in these stores. Amazon comes for the rescue!
  • Buy a primer which is good for your skin type. If you have dry skin, you would want to check beforehand whether the primer suits your skin type or not.
  • If you have dry skin, you must use moisturizing primers. It is an amalgamation of primer and moisturizing lotion. Do note that some of the moisturizing primers do not work efficiently. Opt for a good brand for the long lasting effects. You can also apply the primer after moisturizing your face. This will help your skin to stay glowing, fresh and non-greasy.
  • You should keep the climate and skin type in your mind. If you live in a dry area, you must use a moisturizing primer. A liquid and cream primer would be great for dry areas! This way your skin will not get dry and flaky. The spray-on and gel primers are good for humid areas. Since most primers are oil free, you must also check whether they suit your sensitive skin. Most people have sensitive skin and they must read the packaging carefully. You clearly do not want to get a reaction!
  • There are anti-aging primers which are available for hiding the wrinkles and fine lines. You will find the same ingredients in the primers that you find the anti-aging creams. Most women wish to hide the unevenness and fine lines on your skin. If you wish to hide the wrinkles and fine lines, you must use a primer which hides the signs of aging. Some companies use special ingredients to reduce the dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. If you want instant camouflaging of the dark spots, you can use primers as well as concealer. Most times the primer will do its work efficiently.
  • There are many color correcting primers available. If you have skin-tone issues, it would be corrected with the help of the colour correcting primers. You will get bronze, pink, purple, green, yellow, and mauve primers. If you have red tones in your skin, apply the yellow primer. Green primers are also used for correcting the redness on your skin. It can hide the redness and blemishes on the skin. In case you have a strong yellow tone in your face, you must apply the mauve or purple primer. If you want a brighter tone, you must try the pink primer. Getting a lively glow is easy with the bronze primer. Many companies offer bronze primers which suit different skin shades. You can buy one according to your skin tone.

There are many types of primers available in the market. Since you are new to the primer world, you must know about the types as well.

Gel Foundation Primers

Most of the professional makeup artists use the gel foundation primer. Majority of the best gel primers are made by prestigious makeup brands. You can get easily get them online on Amazon. The gel foundation does an excellent job at hiding the fine lines and wrinkles. The fine lines are present around the eyes and lips. Covering them with the gel foundation primer would be a wise idea! If the signs of ageing are bothering you, get the gel foundation primer. The gel primers are lightweight and perfect for those, who live in humid areas.

Liquid Foundation Primers

Just like you apply the lotion on your face, you can apply the primer on your face. They help in giving a smooth look to your skin. These do not help in filling the wrinkles and lines on your face. If you wish for a light primer, you must opt for the liquid one.

Spray-on foundation primers

This is a lightweight formula and very few companies manufacture the spray on foundation primers. They provide coverage but cannot cover the blemishes completely.

Cream foundation primers

If you want a primer which protects your skin from the harmful rays and gives a fantastic glow, you must use the cream foundation primer. Most of them have SPF and offer coverage. These are perfect for women, who wish to get flawless skin. You can use it on your face, neck and hands. It is a great product for those, who wish to have a blemish-free skin! Say goodbye to redness, fine lines and blemishes with the cream foundation primers.

Mineral Foundation primers

This one comes as a liquid base. It has all the needed minerals and vitamins. It hydrates your skin and gives it a smooth look! These are tailor-made for maintaining healthy skin. It is a perfect solution for those, who want happy and healthy skin.

The primer can be applied on a daily basis. Always choose a product which has natural ingredients and suits your skin. If you are tired of your flaky, dry and lifeless skin, you must use the ideal primer! A good primer would be a great investment. So, do not hesitate and do not look at the price tag because you need a good primer for your skin problems. If you use the wrong primer, it could damage your skin and it would be hard to get it back to normal.

Happy women are the prettiest! If you have dry skin, it may take away your happiness. In order to be a happy and pretty girl, you need a primer to hide all the blemishes, fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles! Choose the best product from the list which suits your budget and say hello to flawless skin!

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