10 Best Hot Air Brush That Actually Work

Best Hot Air Brush

Using a hot air brush is a must if you want an impeccable hairstyle that will be noticed by everyone. But choosing the right one might not be as easy as it seems. However, if you follow this guide, you can be sure to end up with the best hot air brush for your needs and styling preferences.

Things to consider when you choose the hot air brush

Buying the hot air brush might be a struggle if you never looked for such a product before. It gets even more difficult if you never used a hot air brush to dry and style your hair. But by taking into consideration a few aspects, you can ease your shopping process a lot and make sure you end up with the best product for your needs. So, here is what you need to look after when you invest in such a hot air brush!

Consider the features it comes with

Nowadays, the market has a lot to offer in terms of different hot air brushes. Each manufacturer tries to impress their customers by adding different features to their products. Make sure you read the description and choose the best item for your budget.

Most hot air brushes will come with different heat settings, cool setting and spinning setting. They will help you add volume and style to your hair in different ways and what works for others might not be the best option for you. So, keep in mind your own needs when you are shopping for such a product.

You want a portable hair brush

Once you get the hot air brush, you will most likely use it a lot. And even more than that, you will want to take it with you everywhere you go. But to be able to do that, you need a hot air brush that is portable and in a compact size. You will see such specifications in the description of the product, if it has them.

Quick List of Hot Air Brush

Here are the top products featured in this list, linked to Amazon:

  1. Lescolton One Step Dryer & Styler Hot Air Paddle Brush
  2. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush
  3. Vidal Sasson VS433C Tangle-Free Hot Air Brush
  4. Helen of Troy 1579 Tangle Free Hot Air Brush
  5. Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush by MiroPure
  6. More

You can use it to dry and style your hair but also to massage your scalp

Why getting a hot air brush that just brushes your hair when you can get a multifunctional one that does so much more than that? You can find on the market such brushes that are also hair driers and they do a great job at styling your hair in different ways.

And depending on the type of bristles that the hot air brush has, it might even be a great scalp massager which can help you relax a lot while you are styling your hair. And more often than not, all these features will come at the same price so you won’t have to invest more into a multifunctional hot air brush.

Safety measures

  • Since these hot air brushes work based on electricity, you will need to consider the safety level.
  • To make sure that you can relax a little on this aspect, get a hot air brush that will turn off automatically, in case you forget it on.
  • You can even try to get a waterproof hairbrush since most likely you will style your hair while it is wet and in the bathroom where the level of moisture is high.
  • These aspects might seem less important than others but you should always make sure that you use a safe product so don’t underestimate them.


  • The price of the hot air brush that you want to purchase is a subjective choice.
  • You should try to set up a budget before starting the shopping hunt.
  • If you have a price range established, you will save yourself from a lot of research and wasted time.

Plus, you can find high quality hot air brushes at any type of budget so don’t put too much stress on this aspect since the market has a product for everyone nowadays.

Best Hot Air Brush

So, keep reading to discover the best products that you can find on the market and the most important features to look after. And keep in mind that what works for you is the most important so make your final decision according to what you need.

1. Lescolton One Step Dryer & Styler Hot Air Paddle Brush

This Lescolton hair brush will simply leave your hair feeling smooth, soft and healthy from the first time you use it. You can use it to create multiple hairstyles from curls to waves, straighten up your hair and add volume to it. And it can be used on wet and dry hair equally. Since it comes in a compact form, you can take it with you everywhere you travel, and it is made with an ergonomic design, so you can grab it comfortably.

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It is great for reducing frizzing and detangling without breaking or damaging your hair. By using this product on a regular basis, your hair will regain its natural shine and beauty. Plus, the edges will look healthy for a longer time, so you won’t have to trim it so often, unless you want to. And the results will last for a long time after you give your hair a much needed treatment with this hot air brush!

2. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush

BabylissPRO offers a professional type of hair brush to use every time you need to tame your hair and create an impeccable look. It is a 2 inches rotating hot air brush that can be used on all types of hair in order to create unique hairstyles in matter of minutes.

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The best feature of this hot air brush is that it adds great volume and shine to your hair after every time you use it. You can use it to create a sleek look or a wavy and curly one. And the best thing is that you don’t need to be a professional to get amazing results with this device. As a matter of fact it is created to be used by beginners as well as experts and it goes great on any length of hair.

3. Vidal Sasson VS433C Tangle-Free Hot Air Brush

If you are looking for a hot air brush that is easy to use, this Vidal Sasson is one of the best options you can find on the market. The 1 inch barrel comes with soft, tangle free bristles and it will add great volume to your hair.

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You can use this product anytime without being afraid of damaging your hair or burning it, which is a risk you are taking if you use other products of less quality. The heat settings are high and low so you can choose the right temperature for your hair and the type of hairstyle you want to achieve. However, you need to pay attention not to use this hot air brush as a curling iron and don’t wrap your hair on it.

4. Helen of Troy 1579 Tangle Free Hot Air Brush

Helen of Troy 1579 is one of the hot air brushes that will help you get the hairstyle of your dreams in just a couple of minutes. It has an ergonomic handle that is easy to grip, and you can use it very comfortably. This brush will not tangle your hair and you will enjoy a soft and healthy hair every time you use this brush.

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The Helen of Troy brush comes in two sizes and you can choose from 1 and ½ inches and ¾ inches.  This product is safe to use and very efficient. And you will not have to spend a lot to get all the benefits from this brush. You can also bring it with you as you are traveling, thanks to its compact size and high level of portability.

5. Enhanced Hair Straightener Brush by MiroPure

MiroPure offers a great hot air brush that will let you end up with a healthy and silky hair. Plus, your hair will gain a natural and shiny look after the first time you use this brush. Because it is good at sealing the hair cuticles, you will not have many split edges. And there will be no knots in your hair either thanks to its power of untangling.

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It also comes with an auto-off function and auto temperature lock. If you don’t use it for 60 minutes, the hot air brush will automatically shut off in order to keep you safe. You can also travel with it thanks to its compact shape and size. Besides the fact that it can turn curly hair into straight hair in a matter of minutes, this hot air brush is offering a great massage to your scalp and follicles as well.

6. John Frieda Hot Air Brush

Thanks to the advanced technology that it is based on, this John Frieda hot air brush is great for eliminating frizz effect 3 times better than other similar products. Plus, it will increase the shine effect twice as much as other hot air brushes. The John Frieda hot air brush comes with a 1.

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½ inch Titanium Ceramic Barrel that will give you the effects that you would get from a professional hairstylist. And your hair will not be damaged at all which will encourage you to keep using this product every time you need a new hairstyle. The bristles are made of nylon and they have a ball tipped to increase comfort and control. The heat can be established by two different settings and the hair brush also comes with a cool setting which allows you to get different results.

7. KOOVON One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler

This product will dry your hair and help you achieve a great hairstyle at the same time. Thanks to the ionic conditioning technology, the water level is reduced and your hair will dry faster and without any static effect. Also, this hot air brush will reduce the frizz and enhance the natural look and shine of your hair every time you use it.

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It comes with two different levels of heat and cool setting, so you can adjust it according to your needs and the hairstyle you want to achieve. The bristles have a massaging effect thanks to their flexibility and the ball tips that they come with. So, not only your hair will feel better by the end of your brushing process but also your scalp. Thanks to its comfortable design, you will not have any problem handling this product and use it easily every time you wash your hair.

8. Infiniti Pro by Conair Platinum Hot Curl Brush

Infinity Pro offers you an interesting hot curl brush that comes in the 2 inch size. From the first time you use this product, you will notice its efficiency to reduce frizz and its incredible styling performance level. The curls of your dreams are so easy to create by using this product, thanks to its bristles that will avoid tangling as well.

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Also, Infinity Pro uses super ionic generation that is great to avoid the static effect.  And the results of your final hairstyle will last for the entire day and even more. You can set up the temperature by using the 5 LED temperature settings.

9. Infiniti Pro by Conair Spin Air Rotating Styler

Another Infinity Pro hot air brush is the Spin Air Rotating Styler which you can buy in more colors such as black, pink, ombre or a nice plum shade. You will obtain curls full of volume thanks to the 2-inch spin air brush that is very efficient. It is also great to give your hair a nice shine after you wash it or even when you want to add some vitality to it on a special day.

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Your hair will not be damaged thanks to the ion generator that releases 100 times more ions than other products. The air spin brush will rotate in both directions which will add to your hair’s volume and make it look incredible and healthy! Keep in mind that you can use this with or without the spin function and if you choose the cool feature, the item will not spin at all.

10. MHU Ceramic Hot Air Brush & Volumizer

This hot air brush will release a high level of hot air blow thanks to the 1000 W power that it comes with this MHU Ceramic Hot Air Brush. You will be able to dry your hair and style it just the way you want by using the two heat settings which go from low to high, according to your needs. The ceramic technology meets the ionic technology in order to leave you with a healthy and smooth hair.

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If you want a high level of volume, you will appreciate the 1.25 inch ceramic barrel which allows you to increase your volume as you want. This product comes with 2 years warranty and it can be replaced in one year if you have serious problems with it. Also, it is certified by ETL and has an ALCI safe plug.

Useful tips to make the most out of your hot air brush

Using the right hair brush for your hair’s needs is very important but it is just half of the secret of a perfect hairstyle. The other half is about the way you use such a hair brush. Most women use it without considering certain aspects that can make all the difference in the process. So, here is what you need to keep in mind when you want to obtain the most out of your hair brush!

Warm your hair brush up

Even if you are in a big hurry, you should never skip the warm up step before expecting to get the best results out of your hot air brush. It will take a few seconds or minutes, depending on the model, to get your hot air brush to the desired temperature. But it is all worth it in the end so don’t neglect this first important step.

If you don’t allow your brush to reach the desired temperature you take the risk of having uneven curls or style in your hair. Plus, you will need to spend more time styling your hair so, ultimately you will be wasting time rather than saving any.

Split your hair into different sections

This step is a great tip that makes the entire process of styling your hair easier. Simply get some hair clips and split your hair into minimum 3 sections. You should have one section in the back of your head, one in the left and one in the right side of your head.

After that, you can focus on each section individually and style it just the way you want it, without taking the risk of creating knots in your hair. By sectioning your hair you are not just easing your job but also making sure that your hair is evenly curled.

Brush your hair

Make sure your hair is brushed well and there are no knots in it before you start styling it the way you want. If you are using a quality hot air brush, this step shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Once your hair is untangled, it will be much easier to take care of the styling process.

Or you can simply let it run lose down your shoulders because a well brushed hair is always charming and beautiful. A hot air brush will leave your hair not only untangled but also soft and shiny.

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Start the styling

Once your hair is untangled, you can start creating the hairstyle that you are aiming for. You might want to create curls, waves or simply straighten your hair well.

You can create any type of styling you want, and it will last for the entire day. Once your styling is one, don’t use a comb or any other type of brush even if this might be a tempting habit to follow. Your hair will be perfect by simply using your hot air brush correctly.

Make sure you cool everything down

This is the last step but not the less important one. As a matter of fact, making sure all your equipment is cooled down is essential for your safety. The best air brushes will come with an automatic off function which means they will turn off if you don’t use them for a certain time.

But if your brush doesn’t have this function, make sure you unplug it properly and give it time to get to the room temperature. In order to cool down your brush, you can even use the cooling setting that comes with it before you unplug the device. Plus, you can use the cool settings to make sure your hair is cooled down as well, which will increase the resistance of your hairstyle.

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The way your hair looks is essential for your overall image. And to make it look as beautiful as possible, you need the right equipment to take care of it. The type of hot air brush that you end up using can make a big difference between a perfect hairstyle and one that is not so well-done.

Not to mention that you should use a high quality hot air brush for the health of your hair as well, and not just for the way it looks. Hopefully this guide will help you make up your mind and end u with the right type of hot air brush for your needs. By choosing any product of the list above, you can be sure that you are making a good pick when it comes to quality, features and safety.

Also, all these products are suitable for all types of hair, so you can rely on them for any type of hairstyle as well. Love your hair and use the right hot air brush to take care of it!

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