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10 Best Hair Color to Cover Gray for Brunettes

10 Best Hair Color to Cover Gray for Brunettes

Along with aging, there are several transformations that our bodies have to go through. Besides our skin that can develop wrinkles and aging spots, we also have to take care of our hair.

Gray hair appears at different ages for everyone but one thing is for sure: we all get there. Which is why you might wonder how to cover it successfully and make yourself look younger.

This guide will help you choose the perfect color to cover your gray hair as a brunette. You know that if it works for brunettes it works for any other hair color as black tends to be the hardest to cover when it comes to dying your hair.

So, here are the best 10 products that you can use to cover your gray hair and the most useful tips that you should consider!

Best Colors to Cover Gray Hair 

The following colors will work miracles when it comes to getting rid of those gray hairs as a brunette. So, you can’t go wrong by choosing one of these products and your hair will thank you for it as well!

1. Clairol Perfect 10 By Nice ‘N Easy Hair Color Kit 

Clairol is one of the best brands that you can invest in when you are choosing your hair dye. And this beautiful medium ash brown shade will definitely cover your gray hair successfully. You can choose from many other colors but this one is just what you need as a brunette with gray hair. It comes in a pack of two which is perfect for those with long hair.

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You can use this hair dye at home as it comes with all you need to cover your gray hair yourself. You should notice the color of your hair changing in just a matter of minutes as you apply this dye. There will be no fake tones as you use this dye and even when you stay in the sun, your color will look perfect.

This beautiful shade will last up to 60 days on your hair so you don’t have to keep refreshing your color too often. The Nice ‘n Easy collection is very well known for its natural colors and professional quality.

Along with this package, you also get a comb applicator so you have all the tools you need to apply it right out of the box. Read the instructions carefully before you use this product as this will help you a lot along the way.

2. Style Edit Root Touch Up, to Cover Up Roots and Grays

If you just started to notice some gray hair or you don’t want to get your hair colored before its due, you can use this product from Style Edit. It is different than other hair dyes and you will love using it as often as you need to! This product is created to cover your gray hair as well as your roots as soon as they appear. All you have to do is use the sponge that it comes with this dye and apply the powder over your hair.

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You will get better results by applying this over your dry hair. You should also apply it on your hair after you styled it too. The downside of this product is that it will wash out along with your shampoo.

But in the meantime, it is a great alternative to your regular hair dye that needs time and investment to apply it. You can use this product regardless of the type of hair that you have and it comes in not less than 10 different shades.

This powder will not give you a dusty look and it will be absorbed into your hair to give you natural color. It will also blend in with the rest of your color and everyone will admire you.

3. L’Oréal Paris Excellence Créme Permanent Hair Color

Everyone knows that you can’t go wrong with a brand like L’Oreal. This is the type of hair dye you want to cover your gray hair if you are not willing to take any risks. This hair dye comes at a very budget-friendly price as well so once you know you like it, you will want to keep investing in it. This light brown shade is perfect for covering gray hair fast and give yourself a more natural look.

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This dye is part of the Excellence connection and it is well known for covering gray hair successfully. It also nourishes your hair and seals the color inside of it so you will not lose the shade for several weeks.

There are over 20 different shades to go for according to your natural hair tone as well. But the brown shades work best for brunettes that have to deal with gray hair.

This product from L’Oreal is also a very good hair treatment. It will add the right level of nutrition and moisturizer to your hair so it remains soft even after you dye it. Once you use this hair dye you will want to keep using it because it is that good!

4. Grayban Hair Color Restorer 8OZ

If you want to cover your gray hair but you don’t want to alter the natural shade of your hair, this spray is just what you need. This spray has a unique formula that only covers your gray hair as your beautiful brunette color stays the same.

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And it is a great product as it contains no toxic chemicals and therefore, there will be no unpleasant side effects. The main ingredient in this product is protein pigments. This is also the secret that will help you restore your hair color without the gray hair.

Once you start using this product you should see the first results in three days. It can be used by both men and women and you can forget all about those coloring shampoos.

You can use it as long as you want and your hair will not get damaged. A bonus benefit of this spray is that it will add volume to your hair as well. Get that natural look that you always wanted by using this spray on a regular basis!

This is a product that also comes at a budget-friendly price and it is very easy to use regardless of your hair length. Definitely a great solution to cover that gray hair!

5. Cover Your Gray Hair Color Touch-Up Stick

This touch-up stick to cover your gray hair is also a great alternative to your regular hair dye. You can get this product in a pack of 1 or a pack of 12, which is a very good deal once you know you like using it.

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Every time you use this stick your gray hair will be covered instantly. You can use it like you would use a pencil to draw on your hair. And it works great for those days when you don’t have time to fully dye your hair to obtain that perfect look.

You don’t need to mix this product with anything else to get the results you want. It will give you the look you desire by simply applying it on your dry hair. It is recommended to use it once you are done with your hairstyle so you can just correct the gray hair as a final touch. There are no side effects with this product and it is safe to use for all types of hair.

You will definitely love using this touch-up stick rather than color your hair more often than you need to. It will wash out every time you use shampoo though so keep that in mind.

6. John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Luminous Glaze

John Frieda is one of those products that will help you forget about your gray hair as soon as you use it and with no hassle. It comes at a convenient cost and with incredible results. You can get it in a conditioner, glaze or shampoo form.

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However, the glaze is considered the most efficient form. If you are a brunette, this glaze will compliment your natural hair color by enriching it while it covers your gray hair at the same time.

Not only that this glaze will cover your gray hair but it will also help you restore your damaged hair. You might have damaged hair if you dyed it too much for instance.

This product is perfect for all types of hair, including natural hair, colored hair or hair with highlights in it. You can use this product as often as you want, even on a daily basis. You just have to apply it once you washed your hair and rinse it off after a few minutes.

This product is great to use if you want to keep your gray hair under control with minimum investment. It is easy to use every time you need to and you will have a natural look!

7. Daeng Gi Meo Ri Medicinal Herb Hair Color 

If you want a more natural hair dye to cover your gray hair, this product from Doori Cosmetics is just what you want to consider using. You can get a pack of one, two or three products. The longer your hair is, the more hair dye you will need. This dye is made of extracts that come from medicinal herbs which will also empower your hair every time you use it.

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There will be no strong odor as you use this hair dye since it is made of extracts from Ginseng, Mugwort or Cnidium Officinale. So, you can use this product as a hair treatment as well since it brings all the benefits you want to treat your hair. By using this hair dye you get a healthier scalp as well and you take no risk as there will be no irritation.

Doori Cosmetics is a Korean brand known for its quality products. They use no toxic chemicals and no ingredients that will damage your hair or scalp. And the more you use their products, the healthier and stronger your hair will be! As for gray hair, this will be history with this hair dye!

8. Indus Valley Natural Herbal Permanent Gel Medium Brown 4.0 Hair Coloring Kit

Indus Valley will help you forget all about your gray hair by using this medium brown hair dye which is perfect for brunettes. It comes in 12 different shades from the lightest ones to the darkest ones but the brown shades are perfect for brunettes, as well as the black ones. This is also a complete kit that you can use to color your hair at home, like a professional.

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This hair dye is also made of natural ingredients such as different herbs which will not damage your hair at all. It will cover your gray hair and give you a natural look in minutes!

On top of all these benefits, this hair dye will also get your hair to be stronger, reduce those split ends and empower your scalp as well. This product comes with no dangerous chemicals and it is based on a very efficient natural formula that you will fall in love with.

This hair dye is recommended by dermatologists and very well tested so you take no risks with it. Choose the shade that you want to use wisely and enjoy the perfect hair color you always wanted to have!

9. Schwarzkopf Color Ultime Hair Color Cream, 6.1 Smoky Brown

Schwarzkopf offers an entire line of hair dye colors to cover your gray hair and nourish your hair at the same time. This smoky brown shade is perfect for brunettes but also for people with lighter hair color. It will cover your gray here from the first time you apply it and it will give you a natural look.

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You will fall in love with the intensity of this color and the way your hair feels once you applied it. And this amazing color will last for up to 9 weeks which is more than other dyes will last.

If you want to replace that gray hair with a diamond type of shine, this is the perfect choice for you. Along with this product, you get all you need to dye your hair right in the comfort of your house. It also comes with a great conditioner that helps you give your hair a velvet feel after you dyed it.

Keep in mind that you might need to use two bottles of hair dye if your hair is medium length or long. This is also a very budget-friendly product so you can incorporate it in your hair care routine without investing more than you are comfortable too.

10. Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse Ultra Coverage Nourishing Hair Color Creme

Garnier is another very good brand that will not disappoint you when you need a good dye for your hair. This deep soft black shade is perfect for brunettes who want to cover their gray hair from the first time they use this dye. You get three different products with this order which works great if your hair is longer. And even if you have short hair this will help you use it more times.

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This hair dye contains avocado oil, jojoba oil and shea oil and it will nourish your hair every time you use it. You will love the fact that this hair dye will cover even the most resistant gray hair with 100% coverage power. There are plenty of shades to choose from according to your natural color and preferences.

You get all you need in the package to dye your hair at home and get the same results you would by going to a salon. This hair dye is definitely one of the best choices to go to when you need to get rid of those gray hairs that can ruin your entire image.

How to Cover your Gray Hair Successfully

Gray hair is something we all go through sooner or later. And if you take the right measures to deal with it from the very beginning, you will increase your chances of keeping it under control. Follow these tips and stay on top of your gray hair at all times!

Analyze how much gray hair you actually have

Your gray hair will appear slowly. So, you will not wake up one morning with a lot of it. Therefore, you should use the right products according to how much gray hair you have.

At first, you might be able to get by with just using a spray or a touch-up stick. These are great alternatives to the traditional hair dye and they don’t damage your hair.

They also work great for the beginning of gray hair when you can simply correct the areas you notice it at. This is even more of a good idea if you are not used to dying your hair in order to change your color altogether.

Choose the Right Hair Dye

If you set your heart on using a permanent or semi-permanent hair dye it is important to choose a quality one. Try to go for hair dyes that contain essential oils, herbal extracts or any other natural ingredients rather than chemicals. This will help you not only cover your gray hair but also nourish your hair at the same time.

Read the ingredients list and stay away from harmful chemicals that could damage your hair and irritate your scalp. Also, you want to look for other benefits of such a product. There are hair dyes that will add volume to your hair and make it look shinier. These are just as important as the power of covering gray hair.

Treat your hair with Quality Products

Besides your hair dye which should be of an uncompromising quality level, your conditioner and shampoo are also important. If you have gray hair, you want to cover it with all the products you use.

There are conditioners that will cover gray hair as well as shampoos. And you should use such products to treat your gray hair properly even if you dye it on a regular basis.

Also, using a hair mask at least once a week will also help your hair grow stronger and resist all the treatments you apply to it. Choose one that is high in moisturizing capacity and will pamper your hair every time you use it.

Compromise in between Coloring Sessions

You don’t have to stick to using the classic hair dye in order to cover your gray hair. If you are in between coloring sessions, use a proper spray or powder that will help you cover your gray hair and not damage it.

This is a lot better than dying your hair too often. You can find such products in the list above and they can be really helpful when you want to give your hair a perfect look without coloring it!


As you can see, dealing with some gray hair is not a serious problem if you know just how to manage it. Use either one of the hair dyes above and regain the natural beauty of your hair every time you need to! This will save you many trips to the salon as well as a lot of investments.

Keep in mind that you need to take care of the health of your hair as well. So, don’t just sacrifice the quality of it for getting that perfect color! By using one of the products presented in this guide you take no such risks. They are all of the best quality and safe to be used on all types of hair.