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The 10 Best Flat Irons for Thick Hair 2022

The 10 Best Flat Irons for Thick Hair 2022

It can be so hard to achieve sleek, straight styles when you’re battling against thick, coarse hair. It’s hard to tame and can be so incredibly tempting to just give up altogether and solely rely on the faithful old top knot – it’s easy and effortless, we don’t blame you!

Well, it is possible to get those silky straight locks you see in magazines and on TV, it can be a little effort but you’ll be well rewarded in the end. Half the battle is finding a great flat iron that can actually handle the job – bonus points if it’s quick and easy!

List of Top Hair Straightener For Thick Hair

With different size heating plates, all kinds of coatings and materials, and variable temperatures on each and every flat iron, it’s hard to know which is best for thick hair… and they’re all telling you they are the best for it – that surely can’t be right!

The other problem is when family and friends chime in, telling you how awesome this model or that model is, or how their cousin Tiffany is a hairdresser and she absolutely swears by a certain brand… Not to mention your own hairdresser who just makes it look so easy with their salon tools and infinite hair knowledge.

Best Flat Iron for Thick Hair

To help you out, we’ve compiled ten of the best flat irons you might like to choose from. They cover a range of sizes and materials so you can choose the one which best suits you – because, trust us, everyone’s hair is different and what works for your best friend or aunt might not work for you.

Read on and see what you like, we’ve also got tips for choosing the right one and how to use it once you’ve decided on a particular model. You’re welcome!

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron

The BaBylissPRO brand is a leading styling tools company, known across the globe and used by many professional hairstylists. Super lightweight, the design makes it easy to hold and eliminates hand fatigue. The 2-inch wide plates are 5 inches long so you can straighten larger sections at a time – and you know what that means, right? Yes – you can style much faster!

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The plates on this flat iron are ultra-smooth titanium which means they easily conduct high heat levels (perfect for thick hair!) and resist any corrosion from taking hold. You’ll be able to achieve silky and smooth locks with the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron, it has an incredible number of heat setting options to choose from, 50 in fact, which you can adjust all the way up to 450°F.

2. CHI Original 1″ Flat Hair Straightening Ceramic Hairstyling Iron

CHI is produced by Farouk Systems, Inc. in the USA, a company made up of hairdressers so they know good quality styling tools and manufacture brands which are industry leaders. The CHI Original 1″ Flat Hair is a professional salon model, so be comforted knowing hairdressers and stylists across the world are using the same one.

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You’ll be done in no time with the flash quick heating which heats up to 392°F, though the heat is not adjustable on this model. The 1-inch ceramic plates on this CHI Hairstyling Iron use far-infrared heat which penetrates each strand to dry them from the inside out. The result? Reduced frizz and pesky static! The iron also uses negative ions to add moisture and shine, so your hair will be soft, silky, and smooth for longer. The 11-foot swivel cord will help you maneuver around the bathroom without getting tangled as well – what a bonus!

3. BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Straightening Iron

The BaBylissPRO Porcelain Ceramic Straightening Iron uses – you guessed it – porcelain ceramic technology. It helps to distribute heat evenly across the plates which are 2 inches wide to enable straightening of larger sections of hair and faster overall styling time.

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The technology uses far-infrared heat which is gentler on hair and more efficient for styling, with instant heat-up and recovery. Choose a temperature up to 450°F from the rheostat temperature dial. The BaBylissPRO is known for its professional styling tools which will leave you with silky, shiny hair quicker and easier than many competitors.

4. Solano Sleekheat450 Professional Flat Iron

The 1.25-inch plates on the Solano Sleekheat450 Professional Flat Iron are ideal for those with wither medium-length or long hair. Getting the iron hot is easy – it takes just 60 seconds to reach 450°F, though can be adjusted to anywhere between 170°F and 450°F.

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The plates are ceramic tourmaline so you can use far-infrared heat to minimize the time you spend styling while the tourmaline minimizes annoying flyaways and adds a good dose of shine – sounds like a great combination! Ionic technology ensures your strands stay moisturized and sleek all day long.

The Solano iron’s design includes cool-touch tips so you can safely style your hair with confidence and not be afraid of burning a finger. The plates are shaped with a four-sided bevel design which helps hair to glide through for less damage and more smooth locks. Don’t forget, there’s a 9-foot long cord attached with a swivel so you won’t get caught and tangled in the bathroom every time you want straight, luscious locks.

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5. HAI Classic Convertable Professional Flat Iron

The HAI Beauty Concepts brand was actually the first to use ceramic technology in its flat irons so you know you’re buying from an innovative brand if you choose this one! An ergonomic, lightweight design makes it easy to use and style with this iron, particularly the beveled edges on the 1 ¼ inch plates which means you can also curl and wave if you desire.

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Exceptional ceramic heating technology has gone into this flat iron. It offers rapid heating and instant recovery, as well as evenly distributing the heat for one-pass styling. Yes, that’s right – one pass will help you style quicker and minimize any damage to your locks. Negative ions are another feature that helps deliver a silky and super smooth finish.

Choose your own temperature with variable settings between 250°F and 410°F. The HAI Classic Convertable Professional Flat Iron has been on the market for twenty years so you’ll be buying a reliable, tried and tested iron which will last.

6. KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener

The KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener is equipped with 1.75-inch floating nano-titanium plates which help the hair glide through effortlessly for a smoother finish. The titanium helps distribute heat evenly and press hair tightly for more effective use.

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The temperature can be adjusted very easily using the LCD digital display. Choose heat settings from 170°F up to 450°F. KIPOZI recommends 270°F for fragile hair, 350°F for hair which has been colored or damaged, and 410°F for healthy hair.

The flat iron comes with an 8-foot long swivel power cord as well as a velvet pouch to use for traveling. It also has a built-in auto shut off which will turn off the flat iron after 60 minutes. It’s easy to use with a durable handle to keep your hand away from heat and ergonomically designed for the greatest comfort.

7. xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Flat Iron Hair Straightener

The xtava Infrared Flat Iron will leave you with silky straight locks that are shiny and healthy with its extra-wide ceramic tourmaline plates and a choice of temperature settings. Infrared heat technology heats strands from the inside out makes for a more effective flat iron and healthier hair with less damage. Negative ions will help lock in moisture and leave your hair shiny and hydrated.

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Select from 10 different temperature settings on an easy to read LCD digital display, from 265°F up to 445°F. Floating plates are incorporated into the design, meaning they’re not fixed and can move with your hair which results in a better experience and shorter styling time. The plates are also 2 inches wide so rest assured the flat iron is well equipped to handle thick, coarse hair too!

An 8-foot long cord will ensure you’re not short when it counts and can easily style your hair without twisting and turning in the bathroom. There’s also an auto shut off which kicks in after 60 minutes so you don’t need to worry if you accidentally leave it turned on.

8. Express Ion Smooth+ Flat Iron

The Express Ion Smooth+ Flat Iron is from the Paul Mitchell Pro Tools range, part of John Paul Mitchell Systems which is an industry leader producing salon-quality tools and products.

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The flat iron helps deliver professional results quickly and also gently using 1.25 inch cushioned ceramic plates which feature beveled edges. The plates are fast heating, reaching up to 410°F in just one minute.

Utilizing Express Ion Complex technology means the flat iron will help you achieve healthy and shiny hair for a great-looking result each time.

9. Infrashine Original Professional Ceramic 1 Inch Styling Tool

Using ceramic technology to deliver evenly dispersed, constant temperature, the Infrashine Original Professional Ceramic 1 Inch Styling Tool will have your hair straight and shiny in no time at all. The flat iron includes 5 temperature settings to choose from, ranging between 140°F and 400°F.

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Infrared ray heat is utilized along with negative ions to deliver a healthy, shiny result and hydrated locks. The technology will help to protect colored hair and deliver styles that last longer.

As an added bonus on top of an already great styling tool, the Infrashine features a 9-foot swivel power cord so you can easily move about the bathroom without getting tangled.

10. Croc Classic Nano-Titanium Flat Iron

The Croc Classic Nano-Titanium Flat Iron is a professional choice with easy digital temperature control and display. Choose from 25 different heat settings between 200°F and 450°F with 10-degree increments. Titanium plates with ceramic heaters and ionic technology provide smooth, shiny styles. Hair will glide through the smooth plates while the far-infrared heat leaves strands with less frizz and static.

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If you’re someone who often accidentally leaves their flat iron on then this might just be the one for you – it includes a 40-minute safety shut off feature so you can have peace of mind that it’ll turn itself off if you happen to forget. Another added benefit is the extra-long power cord to stop you from being tangled up each time you want to use the flat iron.

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Choosing the Right Hair Straightener

You’ve seen some great options above and they all look pretty good, some of the brand names sounds familiar too which seems a good place to start, right?

There’s ceramic, there are beveled plates, there’s titanium, longer cords, infrared heat, ions, and all kinds of bits and bobs mentioned… but what exact features should you be looking for in a flat iron if you’ve got thick hair?

It can be super confusing we know, but we’d like to make it a little easier for you to choose – after all, a new flat iron can last for years, it’s quite a commitment in time and money so you want to make the right decision. For starters, you should consider the plate size, temperature range, and what the plates are made from.

If you want to straighten your hair to be as quick as possible then we’d suggest you choose a larger plate width. If you go for at least 1.5 inches (or even 2 if you can find it!) then you’ll be able to cover larger sections of hair with each pass which makes the whole process more efficient and means less styling time.

When it comes to temperature, you’re probably thinking the hotter the better but hold your horses just a minute, that’s certainly not always the case.

Too hot and you could actually be damaging your hair and making it worse, not hot enough and it’s not going to be very effective or last long at all. Thicker hair generally does need a higher temperature than other hair types to achieve a straightening effect.

Choose a flat iron with maximum temperature between about 380°F and 450°F but go for one with variable temperature settings so you can find one that best suits your hair. When you’re first trying out your styling tool, start on a low setting and gradually increase until you find the temperature which delivers a good result.

Now, you’ll have noticed the flat irons above mention ceramic, tourmaline and titanium – but which is best, you ask? Ceramic irons are great for distributing heat evenly across the plates, but they aren’t always the best at reaching the kind of temperatures required to be effective on thick hair. If the iron isn’t hot enough you’ll be going over and over your hair, causing damage and sucking the moisture right out of it. The ceramic models are better for those with thinner, finer hair which is easy to manage.

Tourmaline plates generate negative ions when heated which can tackle frizz by adding moisture to your strands and helping to maintain healthier hair. You’ll often find tourmaline used in combination with either ceramic or titanium plates in styling tools.

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Those who are battling to control thicker hair might be best going for titanium plated flat irons which can reach higher temperatures, heat up quickly and retain it better than other materials. They also transfer heat to hair really well for effective results. Some titanium models are combined with ceramic so you can enjoy the frizz control of ceramic with the higher heat of titanium.

How to Use Flat Iron on Thick Hair

So, you’ve chosen the type of flat iron you want, you’ve picked it out and finally got it home and on the bathroom beach, ready to go. But how exactly should you use it? Here are a few tips to help you go from frizz and flyaways to shiny and sleek in no time at all – a little effort now will make your style last longer and look a whole lot better.

Start by washing your hair

It’s a simple fact of life – freshly washed, clean hair is easier to straighten and will deliver better results. Use a smoothing or straightening shampoo and conditioner in the shower to help prepare it for the style you want to achieve. Even use a hair mask to add an extra hit of moisture and nourish your hair before you hit it with hard heat.

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Be sure it’s completely dry

Once you’ve washed it, it’s important to dry hair completely before using your flat iron. Either air drying or blow-drying is fine, both methods will get the job done. Any moisture left could potentially cause frizz and that’s definitely not what you’re trying to achieve.

Protect, protect, protect

Don’t forget to protect your hair before you take to it with the flat iron, high temperatures can be damaging. Use a heat protecting serum, spray, or oil. Oils are fantastic for protecting strands because they are more easily absorbed by the hair and will nourish and hydrate to keep it healthy and shiny.

Divide and conquer

Dividing your hair into sections will help deliver much better results, especially for those with thicker hair. Start at the bottom and work your way up in small sections, depending on the size of your flat iron’s plates. It’ll actually help keep your hair healthier in the long run too, as you won’t accidentally go over sections you’ve already completed, minimizing any potential heat damage.

Glide on through

Don’t hold the flat iron on one section for too long. Quickly guide the iron through each section though keep a steady pace. You may need to go over sections a number of times for the best results but don’t linger longer than you need to if you want to avoid damage.

Don’t pick up that comb

Whatever you do, don’t comb hair while you’re straightening. It can be so incredibly tempting but a brush is a much better choice on dry hair. If you comb, it can cause static and split ends – exactly what you don’t want to achieve.

Create a little tension

Hold each section of hair taut to minimize the number of passes you need with the flat iron. It’ll help get your desired style quicker and easier – just be sure to watch your fingers at the ends! It’ll also protect from damage – if you can minimize the amount of heat on your strands, you’ll be able to keep them healthier and in tip-top shape for longer.

Finish the job

You’ve put a lot of effort into straightening your hair, from choosing the right flat iron and best features to carefully washing, drying, and styling. Be sure to get the maximum benefit from your efforts and keep your locks silky and sleek for much longer. Besides, any good finishing product worth it’s salt will help to add shine and reduce frizz – who wouldn’t want that?!

Avoid using silicone-based products on your hair and use a delicate coating of light-hold hairspray – you can even try spraying it on a brush and brush the product through for a more even application (and to make sure you don’t miss any spots!). If your hair is quite thick, you may need something a little more heavy-duty to finish off so you could try a serum formulated specifically for thick hair instead, there’s a great range to choose from at beauty stores, hairdressers, or even your local supermarket.

Well, there you have it. The best flat irons for thick hair, the features you need to achieve sleek, silky locks (and keep it healthy-looking, of course!), and a bunch of great tips for exactly how to use your flat iron and get the most out of it.