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10 Best Deodorant For Sensitive Skin 2018

best deodorant for sensitive skin

Finding the right deodorant can be challenging, especially if you are someone who gets irritated quite easily. If you prefer natural, mild, and subtle options, you are in a right place since we’ve listed some of the best deodorants for your sensitive skin.

When shopping, always make sure your deodorant is safe for sensitive skin, as well as free of alcohol. Also, women who have eczema or severe allergic reactions should be cautious when shopping for their best deodorants. Want to know how to choose the best type for your sensitive skin? Then keep on reading.

Why Is Your Skin So Sensitive

Your skin can be sensitive due to several factors. For instance, it can be a hereditary thing, an allergic reaction, or caused by some environmental factors. Sensitive skin is often flaky, can get irritated and red easily, and looks unhealthy or even dry.

Why Is Your Underarm Area So Sensitive

The underarm area, or better to say the underarm skin, is thin, fragile, and sensitive. Since it is considered as a warm and moist area, this part of your skin can quickly get infected. It is the perfect place for the bacteria and allergies, as well as for fungi infections. If you want to avoid all of the above you should purchase a deodorant which is safe for your sensitive skin.

What You Should Avoid When Shopping For a Deodorant

When at the store make sure you read all the labels and the ingredients of your purchased products. Make sure it is free of:

Alcohol: Make sure your product contains as little (or none) alcohol as possible. Alcohol can dry out your skin, which is not the best option for sensitive or dry skin types. This is quite hard since most of the products contain alcohol (especially spray on).

Fragrance: Any fragrance is good at hiding the odor, but it does not leave you feeling fresh, hydrated, and comfortable. Perfumes should not be your go-to option, so keep this in mind when shopping. They are good at deceiving the smell, but not the best choice in the long run.

Parabens: Cosmetic industry uses a lot of parabens in many different products. However, this is not the best option for the underarm area, especially if you’ve shaved it or waxed it recently. Luckily, many deodorants are paraben-free, so this will make your decision a lot easier when shopping.

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Best Deodorant For Sensitive Skin

Here are the top 10 antiperspirant for sensitive skin are a good choice. The only difference is in the packaging, scent, and the longevity of the product. Also, the prices can vary a little, so make sure you find something that suits your budget, and your scent preference. Besides that, know that any out of these products will satisfy any man, woman, kid, teen, or even an older person.

1. Real Purity Roll-On Natural Deodorant

If you are someone who prefers natural and mild deodorants, then you are going to love this one. It is a roll-on type which is made in the USA. The clinically proven formula will feel pleasant on any skin type while being the best option for sensitive skin. Also, the scent of this product is pleasant and seamless; therefore the deodorant can be used by both men and women. It is organic, and non-irritating once applied on the skin. You can enjoy the quick drying formula even during the sweatiest situations.

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Ingredients: The product is comfortable on the skin, and it features a lot of pure essential oils, such as lavender, rosemary, virgin oil, and grapefruit. It also contains Aloe Vera which feels soothing on the underarms, as well as kosher vegetable glycerin.

2. Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant – Organic & Vegan

Another roll-on, as well as organic & vegan deodorant that you will love on your underarm area. It is made in Bali with care and love. A pure, natural, and vegan deodorant that contains no parabens, nor baking soda. Once you apply it, you will feel comfortable all throughout the day, no matter the activity that you are going to do. Since it is so mild and pleasant, the product can be used by women and men of all ages.

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Ingredients: If you are a fan of Bali and vegan products, then you are going to love this one. It has a lot of Aloe Vera, water, seaweed extract, some alcohol, natural salt, and oils such as coconut, rose, lavender, mint, and magnolia.

3. Nasanta – Magnesium Deodorant

A highly talked about roll-on deodorant is this one by Nasanta. It is made in Sydney, Australia by several professionals and skin experts. Specially designed for sensitive skin and women who love innovative products. You need magnesium for your everyday life, and this deodorant has it in store for you. Nasanta formulated this one by using magnesium which is sourced all the way from Japan. The product is free of aluminum, and it is safe to use even after shaving. It contains 0 alcohol or baking soda, all ingredients which might make your skin red.

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Ingredients: This roll-on can last you over three months which makes the product worth your money. It contains a lot of magnesium, glycerin, water, and Caprylyl Glycol.

4. Vichy 24-Hour Dry-Touch Aluminum Free Deodorant

This deodorant stick is perfect for everyday usage, and it is produced by Vichy. Vichy is a French skincare brand, which has been around ever since 1931. They are one of the best brands in Europe; therefore this deodorant is a definite must for women with sensitive skin. The stick deodorant is excellent at neutralizing odor and absorbing moisture. It can give valid results for even up to 24 hours while leaving your skin hydrated.

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Also, you can use it right after shaving. The dry finish is clear without any unwanted white marks, which is excellent if you are planning on wearing anything black. Also, your skin will feel smooth and soft all throughout the wear time.

Ingredients: The product is paraben-free, alcohol-free, as well as aluminium free. It contains a lot of water, citric acid, some perfume.

5. Organic Island Deodorant, 2.5 oz Probiotic Deodorant Stick

A perfect and natural deodorant that has been loved by both sexes due to its mild and pleasant smell. It is a vegan product, as well as a roll-on stick. Contains no fragrance or aluminum. You can enjoy the essence of organic jojoba oil, candelilla wax and other natural ingredients at any point throughout the day. The product is also safe to use for pregnant women, kids, and teens. It contains no alcohol, paraben, or fragrance. Entirely vegan, and sensitive skin friendly.

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Ingredients: If you want 24-48 hour protection make sure you think about this as your next purchase. The deodorant contains coconut oil, organic starch, jojoba oil, and other natural ingredients. Highly recommended for sensitive skin and all throughout the year usage.

6. L’Occitane Aluminum Salts Free Deodorant for Men

An innovative stick deodorant by L’Occitane which is actually a bit more on a pricey side. The product is made for men, but both sexes can use it. If you prefer comfortable and non-sticky types, you are going to love this one. You can use it on a daily basis. It is the perfect option for blocking odor and unwanted bacteria while being able to dry quickly. The application goes on smoothly, while the deodorant feels comfortable on the skin.

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Ingredients: It is an alcohol-free stick which also contains no parabens or aluminium salt. The scent of this product is sensual, fruity, fresh. It smells like Eau des Baux – fresh cypress and mellow incense.

7. Primal Pit Paste All Natural Lavender Deodorant

Primal Pit is the perfect option for sensitive skin. It is a scented deodorant with Lavender, which feels soothing on the skin. If you prefer roll-on and floral deodorants, you are going to love this one. Everything is paraben free, toxin and chemical free, as well as propylene-glycol free. You can find this product online easily or in Texas since it is made in Austin. When applying it, make sure you dab enough of the product on your fingertips and rub the product onto the skin gently. Your skin will soak up the paste easily and will feel soothing.

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Ingredients: You are going to love the scent of shea butter and organic coconut on your everyday basis. There is also some Lavender oil, Sunflowers etc.

8. ARM & HAMMER Essentials Natural Deodorant

You can beat unwanted odor with all natural ingredients that are in this deodorant. You can use it on an everyday basis and enjoy the long lasting scent. It is the perfect choice for women since the scent is calming, feminine, and floral. The best deodorants are free of aluminum, parabens as well as colorants, such as this one. Also, it won’t stain your favorite shirts, blouses, and it will soak into the skin fast and easy, mess-free.

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Ingredients: There is a lot of water in this product, as well as baking soda, fruit oil, leaf oil, and some fragrance. However, you can safely use it and enjoy it on your sensitive skin.

9. Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant

The Green Tidings is a natural deodorant that you will love on your body due to its watery consistency. It is made in the California, USA, in a solar-powered facility. You can use it no matter your age or skin condition, while it is mostly recommended for sensitive skin types.

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The tub of the product is also recyclable while being travel-friendly. The deodorant application goes on smoothly while providing maximum support. In fact, you can apply it once a day (preferably in the morning) and not redo throughout the day. The protection factor is that strong and noticeable.

Ingredients: The best part is that there are no toxins or parabens in this deodorant. Also, it is vegan, soy-free, glute-gree and aluminum and fragrance-free. However, on the positive note, there is a lot of organic coconut oil, baking soda, some magnesium oil, and Lavender oil in this deodorant.

10. Freedom All-Natural, Aluminum Free Deodorant Women

With this one, a little goes a long way. It is a natural stick deodorant that feels comfortable and non-sticky once applied to the skin. It is an aluminum-free natural deodorant which is entirely organic and natural. You won’t feel stinky all throughout the day with this one, while you will get rid of any unwanted toxins from your body. However, be aware that the unpleasant odor is possible with the regular usage of this product. That is because your body will throw away toxins which will go away in a few days. Just remember to be patient and persistent.

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Ingredients: Luckily there are no parabens, phthalates, fragrances, or glutens in the product. It is also fragrance-free. You will love the smell of shea butter, coconut oil, lemon, and Lavender on your underarm area.

How to Clean Dry Sensitive Skin

As previously mentioned, a lot of bacteria, dead skin cell, as well as oil can be found all over your skin. Besides using the best deodorant which is out there, here are some other things that you need to take care off:

Washing: Always wash your entire body and face at least once per day. You should do it at night before you hit the bed. Use soaps and cleansers that are mild and SLS free. You can use any soap that you like, as long as you don’t feel irritated or dried out after the usage.

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Use Warm Water: Never use boiling hot water on your skin. Only use lukewarm water and let it sink into your pores. Also, never leave your door open when showering. By leaving them closed, you are increasing the moisture level as well as the humidity at your bathroom. And that is something that your skin needs. Also, try avoiding using loofas, as well as washcloths.

Patting Motions: Use a soft cotton towel all over your body and make sure you pat dry. Don’t make sudden movements and never rub your body since this will add up to redness and itchiness.

What Else You Can Do If You Have Sensitive Skin

If you want to experience the smoothest skin always watch out for what you are using on top. For instance, here are some tips & tricks about what you should be aware of:

Test It Out

Always test out your newly bought product. You should do a test run or a patch test before proceeding with your everyday use. Apply a bit of your product on a smaller surface (like your ear, or your shoulder) and give it 24 hours to work. Later, if there are no signs of redness, then you can proceed with the further application process.

Read Your Labels

As previously mentioned, this step is a must, especially if you have some allergies. Buy products that suit your skin the best, and not something that has worked on your friend, sister, brother, your celebrity crush, etc. Only search for products that contain as little ingredients as possible and that are clearly written out on your product. Also, buy stuff that contains as natural ingredients as possible.

Be Gentle

No matter what part of your skin you are treating, always proceed with caution and care. Wash up wisely and thoroughly, while being mild and gentle. Choose a cleanser that is formulated for sensitive skin, and that is free of all the harmful ingredients. Also, make 0 scrubbing motions, and simply avoid scrubs in general.

Use an SPF

SPF is always a good idea, no matter the time of the year, or the part of your body that you are protecting. Heavy temperatures and regular sun exposure often cause irritated skin, which is bad for sensitive or dry skin types. If you want to prevent these things from happening, go in with an SPF 30 all over your skin. Use products that contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These products will most likely avoid any possible allergic or itchy reactions.

A Lot of Water & Rest

Always drink as much water as possible since your skin needs to stay hydrated. This will help out your underarms, your entire system, and your organs.

Also, another weird and unknown advice is sleeping on silk. This is the most lightweight and breathable fabric which you will love to feel against your body. Just make sure you switch up your sheets every week and your skin will be thankful.