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10 Best Body Washes for Sensitive Skin 2022

10 Best Body Washes for Sensitive Skin 2022

So far you have probably realized that using any kind of cleansing product depends a lot upon your skin type. It is pretty much the same with choosing a right body wash. It all comes down to which skin type are you- normal, oily, dry, or sensitive?

Still not sure? We know that trying out different products can be pretty costly, so we recommend trying out samples or travelling packages which can be found in different sizes.

This way you can avoid spending money on the whole packages, and you still get the original samples as those in real size washes.

Body wash and sensitive skin type

People with sensitive skin in general have a lot more problems finding the right product for them. Sometimes even the body cleansers that are labeled “for sensitive skin” can cause allergies, rashes, itchiness or even serious skin issues.

This is why it is of high importance to test a product before using it. You can use a body wash on a small area of the skin, or even repeat it for several times just to be sure it doesn’t cause any allergic reaction to the product.

You probably wonder what causes these allergic reactions. A lot of body washes contain fragrances and preservatives, which even in mild forms and small amounts can cause itchiness and redness.

Even fruit oils and parabens can create a problem. Showering and bathing itself can be pretty stressful and painful for people with sensitive skin type, which are also being advised not to shower on a daily basis.

Imagine on top off it using a harsh body wash. A big NO-NO! This is why people with sensitive skin need to pay high attention to ingredients.

Best Body Wash for Sensitive Skin

These are just some you may try out, so don’t be discouraged if some or even all of them turn out to not be a good fit. Many more are available and what works with some, may not work for others. Hopefully, you will love get to love these top 10, find the right fit for you and use it in every-day skin wash routine.

1. AHAVA Mineral Shower Gel

AHAVA Mineral Shower Gel is a gentle, mineral-based body wash product. Minerals pay a huge role in skin care and are essential for a healthy skin look. Besides these nutritive properties, this gel shower will soothe and calm your skin, as it contains aloe vera, and hydrate it properly with its moisturizing compounds.’

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Showering can be a pleasure, so why not enjoy yourself in the fresh aromatic scent of pomegranate and cherry blossoms which will totally relax your senses. The body wash can be used daily and is a perfect solution for nurturing and hydrating sensitive skin.

2. AVEENO Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Body Wash

This is one of the most trusted products on the market because of its use of natural ingredients. Its hydrating property will get you to noticeably healthier skin in weeks.

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It consists of Colloidal oatmeal, which soothes the skin and is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants; and emollients, which hydrate the skin and make it softer and smoother. It is known as super sensitive as it contains no soap, has a light scent, and is tested for allergy chemicals.

3. PURACY Natural Body Wash, Sulfate-Free Bath and Shower Gel

The product based on natural and mineral ingredients which is paraben and sulfate free. It is a combination of cleansing ingredients, emollients, and essential oils, as well as citrus and Himalayan sea salt.

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If you are looking for an all-natural organic product, this is the right call for you. All preservatives are biodegradable and plant-based, while fragrance is naturally produced with a combination of essential oils. It will clean your skin, put pH level into balance, and amaze you with a beautiful scent of an ocean breeze. It is a true treasure for both your skin and your senses.

4. L’OCCITANE Verbena Shower Gel with Organic Verbena

This is the right call for you if you enjoy refreshing citrus scent. This is a gentle body wash enriched with essential oils of verbena, orange, geranium, and lemon.

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Lemon verbena essential oils is known as skin sensitizer because of its property to gently cleanse the skin and leave it with an amazing citrus scent which is refreshing to both body and mind. It will soothe your skin and refresh it to look healthier and revived.

5. SEBAMED Liquid Face and Body Wash for Sensitive Skin

Yet another ultra-gentle body wash which is soap and paraben free. It is packed up with lots of important nutrients and not only does it clean your skin, but it also deeply moisturizes it. It is dermatologically tested so it is suitable for the most sensitive skin of all skins.

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It is safe to use on different parts of your body prior to shaving, thus being gentle to your face, armpits and legs leaving them smooth and moisturized. If your skin is prone to irritations, Sebamed Face and Body Wash might be the right choice for everyday use.

6. MUSTELA Gentle Cleansing Gel, Baby Hair & Body Wash

This is exactly what it says it is. It’s such a gentle cleansing gel that even babies can use it without worrying of getting skin irritations or rash. It can be used as both body and hair wash. It is completely safe to use as often as needed, as it is paraben and phthalate free.

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It is empowered by vitamin B5 and because of it, it cleans gently without impacting natural oils of the hair and body. All compounds used are plant-used and biodegradable with main purpose to ensure well protected and hydrated skin. It has been tested dermatologically and recommend by pediatrics, as well.

7. METHOD Pure Naked Moisturizing Body Wash

It is a true refreshment among body washes, as it comes in recycled bottles and is a plant-based products. It is water-based and fortified with aloe vera and glycerin to gently clean the skin while protecting and moisturizing it.

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It is paraben and EDTA free which makes it one of the most natural products available. Gentle and nurturing ingredients will cause no irritations to the skin and will restore the natural oil and pH balance after wash.

8. TREE TO TUB Real, Peppermint Body Wash for Oily Skin

This is definitely a great solution for those who have oily but sensitive skin prone to acne. This body wash is free from chemicals and synthetic ingredients. It contains wild soapberries and organic balancing botanicals which have antibacterial properties and help with oily sensitive skin type.

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If you are suffering from acne, breakouts and skin blemishes, this body wash would be ideal for you. Fortified with coconut, shea butter, aloe vera, cucumber, and chamomile, it will clean your skin and bring the slightly natural acidic pH balance to it. Say bye-bye to excessive oil and say hello to healthy skin.

9. ALAFFIA Everyday Shea Bubble Bath for all Skin Types

It is a certified fare-trade body wash aimed at all skin types. Its main ingredients are unrefined shea butter , shea leaf, lemon, and lavender. These all nourish and soften the skin, and even though bubble baths tend to cause irritations, this one is completely safe to use.

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Finally, you can enjoy every day long bubble baths and not worry about negative effects. To all of you seeking natural gentle products, Alaffia bubble bath is way to go.

10. EMINENCE Stone Crop Gel Wash

This is a great all natural organic product if you are seeking to restore a healthy complexion and improve skin’s tone. It is oil free and formulated without parabens or harmful synthetic chemicals.

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As one of the basic ingredients, this gel is consisted of stone crop which has moisturizing and nutritive properties. It is backed up with chamomile which soothes the skin and balances its appearance, and finished off with shea butter which restores the healthy look of overall complexion.

Ingredients that can cause flare-ups to sensitive skin

Certain ingerdients that can be found or traced in body wash products should be avoided.

Alcohol: This is a common ingredient found in many body wash products. Although there are several types of it used in body wash, alcohol still tends to dry out the skin and cause redness or itchiness.

Preservatives: Preservatives or parabens are also known as skin irritants. Watch out for formaldehyde, which is the most common one, or propylene glycol which is one of the most common additives used.

Coal tar: This ingredients is used for both medical and industrial uses. It is a common ingredients as it is known to slower the growth of skin cells and making skin look better and refreshed. It is also classified as a skin irritant, and some even argue it is carcinogenic.

Sulfates: Sulfate compounds are found in many personal care products and in almost 70% percent of body wash products, too. They are intended to remove grease and grime from the skin, but they are pretty strong and harsh chemicals which can cause serious skin irritations or even cancer.

Fragrance: Fragrances and perfumes are found in body wash as well, as they are used to cover up the smell of other chemicals used in a product. These artificial substances may contain over a hundred of other chemicals which can cause headaches and skin issues.

Ethanolamines: DEA, MEA, or TEA are short terms used on labels and they denote ethanolamines, which are nothing more than amino acids and alcohol. However, some of these have long been banned to use in several countries, as they are linked to tumors and cancers.

The ingredients and their derived forms listed above are to be avoided. However, it is not a rare case for manufacturers to play games and hide behind labels like “Unscented” or “Hypoallergenic”.

Just because it states it is unscented does not particularly mean that it does not contain fragrances. It just means they used other ingredients to cover up the scent.

You should find those who are fragrance free. Hypoallergenic does not necessarily mean that the company tested the ingredients, or even if they did, they committed their own research, and not under the regulations of FDA.

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Now that you got familiar with some of the ingredients to avoid in your body wash, let’s have a look at some of the desired ingredients specially aimed at sensitive skin type.

  • Coconut oil is one of the top ingredients for sensitive skin type body wash because of its high antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and nurturing properties. All of that makes it the most desirable compounds in body wash.
  • Tea Tree oil is known to fight the bad bacteria and reduce the appearance of acne and pimples. If your skin is prone to acne, besides being sensitive, look for tea tree oil body wash.
  • Argan oil stems from ancient use for healthy and refreshed skin. Each oil has its function and a specific property. Argan oil in particular hydrates and nourishes skin, leaving it with silk proteins after wash.
  • Honey is known for its wide use and strong anti-microbial properties. It is also nutritive to skin with being soothing, at the same time.
  • Avocado or avocado oil is one of the most nutritive oils on the market. It is packed with vitamins and nutrients to heal the skin and keep it healthy.
  • Shea butter is one of the hydrating compounds in body wash. It soothes the skin and gives just the right amount of moisture to the skin, without leaving it silky or greasy.
  • Chamomile is definitely a real soothing element found in sensitive skin body wash. It is aimed at sensitive skin particularly, as it calms it down and reduces any skin redness or damages caused by other chemicals.
  • Aloe vera is another ingredient with wide range of use. It is nutritive and healing to skin. It also helps with serious conditions like eczema, psoriasis or other types of dermatitis.
  • Jojoba oil has the job of moisturizing the skin. As it is very similar to sebum, it will provide the natural oil which is good for skin but is often washed away by harsh scrubbing.
  • Sea salt is not that commonly seen in sensitive skin care products, but it is rich in minerals which can be very healing to the skin. It also gives a good scrub during wash, without causing skin damage.

These are only some of the good ingredients to be found in body wash. Certainly there are many more. As long as they are naturally derived, and not synthetic, they are a win-win, as almost all of them serve to soothe the skin and nurture it while moisturizing it and leaving it healthy looking.

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Body Wash vs. Shower gel vs. Soap

Although body cleansers work pretty much the same and their main purpose is to cleanse the body, sometimes the matter of differences arises. All body wash, shower gel, shower cream, and soap are used to remove the dirt from the skin surface, but they might not work the same for everybody or every skin type.

Body wash and shower gel are a lot similar. They are both mild cleansers, but body wash tends to moisturize slightly more than shower gels and creams. They both come in liquid forms, however, a body wash is a bit thinner than the shower gel.

While body wash has moisturizing and nutritive properties, thus working ideally for dry to normal to sensitive skin types, shower gels have more of a cooling effect and work best for normal to oily skin.

Gels and creams are usually more scented and fortified with stronger fragrances, so they leave a lasting scent on the skin after wash. All the differences basically come down to texture and concentration, as there are so many types of both available to purchase.

They come in neat packages and are easy to store, unlike bar soaps. These convenient containers allow you to use them straight away. Here are some tips on how to use a body wash on your sensitive skin:

  • Use luke warm or warm water to shower your body prior to using a body wash. Sensitive skin does not tolerate excessively hot or cold water as it can dry it out and damage it. You want to prepare your body and open the pores with warm water so you can clean all the dirt out.
  • You can apply a body wash directly to your hand or a washcloth. Squeeze out only a dime of amount as that’s much it takes for a whole body wash. Too much of a wash can cause irritations to your already sensitive skin, so avoid overusing. If you are using a washing cloth, make sure to regularly clean and replace it. You don’t want any bacteria or germs on your skin during the wash.
  • Unless it states so, do not use body wash on your face or hair. Skin on your face might not tolerate the body wash ingredients as good as your body does. Not all products are all-in-one washes.
  • Rinse well after showering or bathing and make sure you remove all the body wash from the skin, as any traces of it can cause irritiations or blemishes.
  • Pat your skin dry with a towel. Don’t rub because it can cause irritations and redness.
  • Apply moisturizer after you’re done to keep the skin well hydrated afterwards.

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Body wash and normal skin type

Normal skin type is the best type for obvious reasons. It also makes it a lot easier on you to look for a proper body wash or even body scrub.

Body scrubs are stronger products which besides cleaning thoroughly, remove all the dead cells from the body. You can find so many various produce or you can combine, according to what effect you are trying to achieve.

Body wash and oily skin type

The good thing about oily skin type is that nowadays literally every beauty product brand offers specially designed products just for this particular skin type.

These body washes aim at reducing and eliminating any excessive moisture from the skin while cleaning it effectively and not misbalancing the natural pH value of the skin. Just look for the label that states “for oily skin” and you are good to go.

Bar soap and sensitive skin type

With lots of body wash products aimed at sensitive skin care, the question of bar soap use is sometimes underprized. Is a bar soap good to use for a sensitive skin type? Absolutely, as long as they are gentle enough for the sensitive skin, and as long as you avoid deep scrubbing during shower or bath.

Even though the word “soap” itself brings the idea of removing the moisture from the skin, that is long gone with new improved organic and natural bar soaps which are loaded with naturally derived oils, vitamins and nutrients which are again derived from all natural fruits, essential oils, and packed up with hydrating compounds like glycerin.

The advantage of using bar soaps for body wash lies in the ingredients used and lack of chemicals used in the making. If you are skillful enough, you can make your own body wash soap and pack it up with whatever suits your skin best.

With water and oils as base of a product, it is easy to add moisturizing and nutritive ingredients, as well. Easy do it yourself project which might seem as the best solution for sensitive skin body wash.

If you are not as handy as mentioned or simply bar soaps don’t sound as a practical solution for you, we bring you a list of some of the best sensitive skin body wash products available on the market at the moment.