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10 Best Body Shapers That Actually Work!

10 Best Body Shapers That Actually Work!

When women watch a movie or television program or read a magazine, they see women with perfect bodies, even after giving birth to multiple children.

Such has a profound effect on most women.  How can it not? We all know those women have undergone multiple plastic surgeries, work out regularly with personal trainers, and eat meals prepared by personal chefs.

We also know that magazines photoshop images of those same to make them look even thinner (yes, they perfect even the perfect body). Still, the natural effects of age and childbearing still frustrate us.

A Real Woman’s Body

A woman’s body naturally changes as she ages.  Gravity causes changes and declining hormones decrease metabolism and diminish muscle mass. Childbirth also causes stretch marks and loose skin that diet will never fix.

The above paragraph is not intended to upset.  It’s meant to be realistic. Some of the most attractive, successful, and wisest women experienced such changes.  It takes age and experience to realize goals. One doesn’t earn a Ph.D., become an elected official, publish a novel, launch a successful business, or achieve other objectives overnight.

Yes, there are exceptions, but some goals take years to accomplish. And, having a child is a magnificent experience. Experience, wisdom, and motherhood, therefore, make women more beautiful.  So, such effects, really, should celebrate and honor women.

It’s up to us real women to change things.  We can start by feel better about our bodies.

Ways Women Can Feel Better About Their Bodies

Here are some ways you can feel better about your body:

  • Stay Away from Appearance Obsessed Media:  be particular about the television shows you watch and the magazines you read.  Instead of watching shows where women compile lists of plastic surgeons, dermatologist, and other such providers, seek out media that supports positive images. There are many television shows and magazines that focus on real women and their achievements.
  • Stop Negative Speak:  replace all “I can’t” and “I’ll never” with “I’ll try” and “I will.”  You’ll be surprised by the change this achieves.
  • Replace Bad with Good:  when you’re about to do something about which you’re scared or nervous, instead of imagining all the blunders you might possibly make, imagine yourself doing fabulously.
  • Beautify Your Environment:  surround yourself with beauty and things that make you happy.  Play music. Place photos of loved ones where you regularly see them.  Regularly put fresh flowers on your table or desk. Update your décor. You don’t have to spend too much money.  Buy a few pillows or tablecloths. They can really brighten up a room.
  • Buy Body Washes, Lotions, and Shampoos:  Your body is special, so treat it that way.  Indulge in fragrant smelling body products.
  • Get a Makeover:  go to a makeup specialty store or the makeup counter at the department store and learn how to update your look.

Another great way to feel good about yourself is to wear quality shapewear or body shapers.

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Quality Body shapers Boosts Confidence

Body shapers are undergarments that utilize special materials and/or elastic to even your shape and emphasize your curves. When a body shaper fits and feels good, it makes your clothes look better. And, when you like how you look in your clothes, you feel fabulous.

Shapewear or body shapers do not in any way contradict positive body images.  It’s like a bra. When you wear an ill fitting bra, you can have side and back bulges and your breasts can look as if they are drooping.  A properly fitting bra eliminates those bulges and properly lifts your breasts, which makes you look smoother and shapelier in your clothes.  A properly fitting bra gives you confidence. It makes perfect sense to wear a properly fitting bra. No one criticizes a woman for that.

The same concept applies to body shapers.  A properly fitting body shaper makes all your tops, jeans, skirts, blazers, dress – all your clothes, fit you better and flatter you more. That in turn, boosts your confidence. It makes perfect sense to wear body shapers. And, no one should ever criticize a woman for that.

It’s important to also understand what body shapers don’t do.  They’re not going to make you go down several sizes and fit into clothes that are too small.  Once again, and this cannot be repeated enough, they smooth you, make you shapelier and make all your clothes fit better.

Smoothing and Shaping Are Big Deals

Perhaps there are some who think that smoothing and shaping really aren’t that important and that body shapers really aren’t worth the investment. Smoothing makes a tremendous difference.  Sometimes it makes the difference between an unwearable outfit and a gorgeous outfit. Imagine a woman wearing a pencil skirt.

Without a body shaper, she has bulges and lumps along her hips and back and her rear is flat.  She doesn’t like the skirt at all. When she wears it, she feels unattractive and uncomfortable. She’s now completely sleek and smooth and her rear is now lifted and shaped. She now thinks she looks great, loves wearing the pencil skirt, and feels fabulous every time she does.

So, how to you choose a body shaper?

How to Select a Body Shapers

There are various types of body shapers and they all come in difference sizes.  So, how do you choose? Here are some issues to consider:

  • What Area to You Want to Smooth and Shape: body shapers target different areas on your body.  Some target the stomach, thighs, waist, or rear, and some target multiple areas.
  • Control Level:  this refers to the amount of compression, so it’s very important.  Most body shapers come in firm, moderate and light. You might think you always want “firm” because it will give you the most shaping.  Higher levels definitely provide more control, but they’re also less comfortable than lower levels. You just have to decide what’s best for you and/or for each occasion.  You could always sort your body shapers into “day” and “night” or “casual” and “dressy.” Basically, the three types can be broken down as follows:
  • firm: hugs your body for superior smoothing and shaping.
  • moderate:  slims and controls targeted areas.
  • light:  smooths minor bulges.  Can also be worn daily.
  • Control levels are important to note when reviewing customer comments online, as well.  If a customer complains that a body shaper didn’t provide enough control, take a look at the control level.  If the body shaper offered light control, then such isn’t a legitimate grievance. The same applies if a customer complained that a body shaper felt snug and it offered firm control.
  • Size: you should carefully take your measurements so that you can purchase the proper size.  This is especially important when purchasing on-line. Some stores, too, might not allow you to try on certain body shapers prior to purchase, specifically bottoms.

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An Important Word About Size

Whatever body shaper you select, it is very important that you purchase the correct size. This, too, cannot be repeated enough. Don’t think that “tighter is better” and that a smaller size will make you slimmer. A too tight body shaper is extremely uncomfortable and totally unflattering.

Some sites claim body shapers cause discomfort and physical problems.  Yes, a too tight body shaper will can do that. So will too tight jeans and too tight bras.

Best Body Shapers

With just a few of these shapers, you’ll love your clothes and what you see in the mirror.  And, that will definitely boost your confidence.

1. Spanx Oncore Open-Bust Bodysuit

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This full body shaper offers high level compression and is ideal for special events.  It uses strong, but lightweight materials to flatten and control your tummy and provide a smooth silhouette.  The open bust design allows you to wear your own bra. It’s eighty percent nylon and twenty percent Spandex. It also comes in a plus sized version. They felt that it perfectly and comfortably smoothed, shaped, and slenderized them. Many wore it for special occasions, such as their weddings, but others also wore it under pants and liked it, too.  It has snaps at the crotch, which makes it very easy when using the bathroom.

2. Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Wear Your Own Bra Singlet

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This firm control, full body shaper smooths you from below your bust to your thighs, all with comfort and ease of movement. It gets rid of side bulges, helps better your posture, all while offering maximum comfort and freedom of movement. And, you can wear your own bra.  It’s a great body shaper for special occasion dresses. Many said that it excellently slimmed and smoothed their entire body, that it was the best body shaper they ever owned, and highly recommended it.

3. Spanx Trust Your Thinstincts Open-Bust Bodysuit

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This medium support, lightweight bodysuit provides a sleek silhouette and smooths and contours your waist, tummy, hips, and thighs.  The bust is open, so you can wear your own bra. It’s made to wear all day and has no elastic.  It was comfortable and smoothed them.

4. Leonisa Invisible Tummy Control Bodysuit Shapewear Leggings for Women

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This body shaper is essentially a shaping bottom that controls you from your torso down to your thighs, which you can wear with or without straps.  The compression is firmer on the external thighs and under the rear, yet it doesn’t flatten the rear. Leonisa uses SkinFuse to make their body shapers.  It make the body shapers invisible under your clothes, so no one nobody knows you’re wearing them. They said that it comfortably slimmed their tummies and gave their rears a nice shape. Some used it successfully for compression post surgically and childbirth. The material is thin, so it could rip.

5. Spanx Women’s Thinstincts Convertible Cami

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This light shaping camisole comfortably slims and smooths your waist and tummy without compressing your bust or causing bulges. The straps can also criss-crossed. It’s elastic free, so it doesn’t pinch. While it was thin, it offered comfortable slimming and smoothing.

6. Salome 0215 Butt Lifter Body Shaper Women Strapless

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This compression body shaper slims your stomach and waist and lifts your rear. It’s appropriate for daily use, as well as for compression after surgery, childbirth, and liposuction. Many noted that it ran small and that the size chart was off. They suggested ordering a few sizes up.

7. Flexees Maidenform Women’s Shapewear Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer

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This attractive, lightweight body shaper is constructed with mesh and a low friction surface that makes it easier to put on.  It slims and smooths you from your waist down to your thighs. They loved how it controlled their tummy and used it for both day and evening occasions.

8. Spanx Women’s Lace Collection Bodysuit

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This pretty bodysuit is constructed with shear lace and has scalloped edges.  It offers light shaping tummy control and shaping and you can wear the straps five ways.  The majority of buyers liked this bodysuit. It was sexy as well as smoothing. It also comes in a plus sized version.  While it has cups and supports the bust, some buyers said that you could comfortably wear a bra with it, should you wish.  Some did not like that it did not have snaps at the crotch.

9. Fajitex Women’s Fajas Colombianas ​Bodysuit Removable Thong

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This body shaper has double hooks that run down the center.  It provides shaping and contouring for your back, tummy, and legs. Hooks attach a removable panty. They said that it controlled their tummies and waists and they really appreciated the removable panty.

10. Flexees Women’s Maidenform Shapewear Endlessly Slip with Foam Cups

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This firm control body shaper smooths your back, waist, hips, and tummy and supports your bust. It also helps your clothes glide on and offers anti-cling. You can wear it with straps, which are convertible, or wear it strapless.

Types of Body Shapers

There really isn’t a single type of body shaper that satisfies every need or every woman.  It pays to have several as one type might be more appropriate for a specific outfit. Here are the different types:

  • Bottoms/Shaping Panties: these body shapers provide a smooth outline under pants, dresses, and skirts.  Some are like regular panties. Others have hi-waists that additionally offer tummy control, while others offer thigh control.  And, some lift and shape the rear. You can even purchase ones that offer a combination of these targets. Rear enhancing body shapers are ideal for those with straight figures as they add curves.
  • Slip Shapers:  these body shapers look like regular slips.  They smooth, contour, and define you from your bust on down to your rear. Some have built-in bras and some let you wear your own bra. These body shapers are idea for wearing under dresses, suits, and tops and skirts.
  • Bodysuits/Singlets:  these types of body shapers look a bit like swimsuits.  They’re all-in-one body shapers that even out your silhouette and provide targeted control to your tummy, hip, thigh, and rear. Some also have bras.  They can be worn under any garment. They work especially well with women with hourglass shapes and those who are small on top and large on the bottom.  Some have openings in the crotch for when you need to use the bathroom, while others have clasps that allow you to fully open the bottom.
  • Shaping Camis:  these body shapers smooth and flatten your back and tummy and help define your waist.  They’re perfect for wearing under fitted tops and A-line dresses and/or when you just want to target control on your upper body. Shaping camis work very well for women who are round figured or have broad shoulders and large busts.

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How to Care for Your Body Shapers

Body shapers require routine gentle washing so that the materials can contract.  For best results, you shouldn’t wear a shaper more than twice without washing it.

Latex is easily damaged, so be careful with washing.  Even if some body shaper tags state that they can be machine washed, washing machines, even on delicate settings, can still damage them, so you should hand wash them.  Use a mild soap or shampoo, such as baby shampoo. Rinse thoroughly and lay flat or hang to dry

If you still want to wash your body shapers in a washing machine, you could always use a laundry bag that holds delicate washables.