10 Best Airbrush Makeup System Kit

Best Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush make up systems are the biggest craze in the beauty industry. Most make up gurus won’t stop raving about it. Airbrush makeup has also gained recognition from makeup bloggers and internet makeup gurus. You can find many promotional videos promoting airbrush makeup online.

One reason for the popularity is because airbrush makeup produces flawless results. It feels light on the skin and looks great on high definition photos. Airbrush makeup does not lead to acne break out and provides a fine coverage that usually lasts for twelve hours.

Airbrush makeup has been around in the market for quite some time now. It is smooth on the skin and gives stunning results. Airbrush foundation, for example, provides superior coverage even if it is thin in texture.

It is easy to apply and remove. With airbrush makeup, there are no brush marks on your face as a spray-dot pattern is used for the application.

Airbrush can also be defined as a makeup artistry technique which utilizes compressed air to spray a fine mist of makeup on the skin. Airbrushing makeup gives a velvety texture on the skin which is desirable for high -definition shots.

It gives a natural finish. If you want that radiant glowing complexion like Helen of Troy airbrush makes up is for you.

Most celebrities make up artists use this technique of makeup on celebrities and models in photo shoots, movies, and red carpet premieres. It is used in all television programs to keep up with the new high definition standards. High-quality airbrush makeup can be very expensive. It costs often more than $200.

How does airbrush make up feel on the skin?

Airbrush makeup is exceptionally lightweight and it feels like wearing nothing. It glides like a natural second skin on your face. It can resist water and sweat for more than eighteen hours.

Airbrush makeup suits all types of skin. It is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. Hence, people of all ages can wear it. It does not trigger acne problems and can even hide burn scars.

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Features of Airbrush makeup:

  • The airbrush makeup comes with custom blended foundation color.
  • It can help create a flawless complexion.
  • It lasts all day and night
  • Airbrush makeup is usually silicone-based and hypoallergenic.
  • They are usually free of harmful alcohol and oil.
  • The makeup is sweat, smear, and tear resistant.
  • It appears beautifully on photographs.

Best Airbrush Makeup

There are many top brands of airbrush makeup around. Let us introduce you to some of the best airbrush makeup available in the market:

1. Photo Finish Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System Kit

Photo Finish Professional Airbrush Makeup is the perfect solution for professional makeup artists and people who are looking for a flawless finish. It is a good alternative to over priced airbrush makeup and makeup artists available in the market. It can get you the picture perfect look at an affordable price. All you need are the perfect tools. The coverage provided by the Photo Finish Professional Airbrush Makeup is customizable. You can get sheer to full coverage with this product. The amount of product used would change the degree of coverage.

Airbrush Makeup:

The Photo Finish airbrush makeup is mineral-based, water-resistant makeup. It lasts for twenty-four hours without any caking, fading, running, smearing or any touch ups. It is cruelty-free and has no alcohol or harmful parabens. Even with its sheer coverage, it hides all imperfections. It can give you that natural glow that celebrities have.

The Airbrush:

The Photo Finish Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System comes with a  professional precision gravity feed Airbrush. It has a 0.3mm tip & 1/16 oz cup which is a good size. The airbrush is made to give you an ultra-fine mist of makeup, which makes the application flawless, and the results natural. You need to make circular motions to control where the makeup goes and spreads. It spreads evenly and smoothly.

The Compressor:

The Photo Finish Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System also comes equipped with a mini airbrush compressor that is fully adjustable. You can easily adjust the airflow control setting with a push on the rubber airbrush hose and the airbrush holder.

The compressor has an ideal PSI for applying makeup which can be adjusted according to the coverage needed. A higher PSI would give you heavy coverage. It is a great tool for applying theater make up. This product is a hot favorite of theater actors and television crews.

Complete set of tools:

The  Photo Finish Professional kit comes with a makeup application system, a five piece foundation set, compressor system,  the revolutionary Neroli Anti-Aging Primer, concealer, silica finishing powder, and blush. The set also has a deluxe carrying bag for travel purposes.


  • The Photo Finish Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System is entirely waterproof. Hence, you do not need to fear sweat and rain.
  • The quality of the makeup is high and it is designed for professional use.
  • The makeup tools are of premium quality especially the compressor. The product is of great value when compared to its price range.


  • You need a high-quality makeup remover preferably something with an oil base.
  • It could be very hard to remove this makeup. Also, you need to moisturize and prime before applying this makeup.
  • The makeup can dry your skin. It is advised to maintain a daily moisturizing routine to avoid dryness.

2. Luminess Air Basic Airbrush System with 7-Piece Airbrush

The Luminess Air Basic Airbrush System which is a unique airbrush makeup system that can give you the photo quality finish. The Luminess Air Airbrush System is dermatologist tested. It won’t cause you any acne break outs or other skin issues. It allows your skin to breathe without compromising on coverage. You can get full to sheer coverage without clogging your face with excess makeup buildup. The airbrush system is tested to give flawless look every single time. With this system, you can achieve professional makeup artist results.

The set:

The set comes with products that have a water-based formula which is ideal for sensitive skin. The foundation in the kit can cover acne scars, skin discoloration, dark circles, bruising, scars, rosacea, tattoos and even wrinkles. The  Ultra foundation is oil-free,  hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic. It is very easily blendable and allows the skin to breathe.

The system also has an excellent primer that makes the skin smooth like a canvas. As a result, the makeup sticks to the skin perfectly. The primer has vitamin E and olive extracts which help control the shine on the skin. The primer also intensifies the staying powder on the skin. The kit also comes with a highly pigmented blush which makes your skin looks fresh and a highlighter. The highlighter can be sprayed on your cheek bones and nose bridge for definition.

The Compressor:

The compressor with the kit is well designed. It is compact and light weight. The Basic Airbrush System has an almost silent motor and continuous air flow which allows for a micro-fine airbrush makeup application.

Pros of the Luminess Air Basic Airbrush System:

  • The product is a complete kit for people new to airbrush makeup.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • The foundation can effectively conceal any kind of imperfections. The primer can make wrinkles look better.
  • It is easy to use and is great for everyday use. It just takes five minutes to apply this makeup.
  • The makeup lasts for eighteen hours.
  • The products are not tested on animals.
  • It comes with a detailed user manual and DVD.

Cons of the Luminess Air Basic Airbrush System:

  • The availability of the product is scarce.
  • It can be pretty difficult to remove this makeup. You need to buy a good makeup remover preferably an oil based make up remover.

3. Tickled Pink Airbrush Kit with Medium Shades Makeup

Tickled Pink is a brand that has been highly unappreciated and underrepresented in the airbrush makeup industry.  Tickled Pink has three types of makeup. The only difference is between their shades. It comes with a compressor, hose, AC adapter, airbrush and an airbrush holder. The product comes with a one year warranty.

The compressor:

The compressor is not extremely powerful but adequate for beginners.  The compressor has an attractive hot pink package which can be an attractive accessory for a girl. It is not anything unique and the products are fairly average.

Specification of the compressor:

Dimensions: 12.3cm x 9.8cm x 6.8cm

PSI Range: 0-15PSI

Voltage: 12V

Weight: 500 grams

The airbrush gun:

The Tickled Pink’s airbrush gun is pink in color. Again it is not of the best quality. The best thing about owning this airbrush gun is that the servicing is free. It is a very basic product which does not provide precision and extra functions.

Specifications of the airbrush gun:

Cup Capacity: 2cc

Needle Diameter: 0.4mm


The makeup with this kit is of fairly good quality. They are long lasting, blendable, sheer, and non-cakey. They also come in aloe-based formulas. The foundation has antioxidants and SPF factor between 6 to 8. It provides UV protection and helps repair skin. It also has some minerals and botanical extracts. Blushes and eye-shadows also come with the kit. They are highly pigmented and appear beautiful when applied on the skin.

Pros of the Tickled Pink Airbrush Kit:

  • A good kit for starters and students studying makeup.
  • Good quality products for the price.
  • Decent coverage power.

Cons of the Tickled Pink Airbrush Kit :

  • The product may not satisfy the needs of professionals.
  • Quantity is too low.
  • Fewer shades and option.
  • Poor compressor.

4. Art of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System:

The Art of Air Airbrush Makeup line is one of the good airbrush kits around. It can help you get the flawless, smooth, and camera-ready look. This brand has been loved by the professionals and customers since its launch. The Art of Air makeup stays on your face for long hours without fading. The cosmetic system is affordable and comes in various shades.

Art of Air Airbrush compressor:

Art of Air is the top selling airbrush makeup brand right now. The compressor is of very high quality. It is portable and lightweight. It is suitable for travel. It comes with an airbrush, adjustable compressor with holder, power adapter, and adjusting tools.

Art of Air foundation makeup:

The brand’s airbrush foundation makeup is designed to give you a naturally radiant complexion. You can get sheer to full coverage with these foundations. The different shades of foundations include buff beigemoca, include golden olive, sand, suntan glo and honey. You can easily transition from one look to the other with this kit.

Art of Air’s Airbrush Foundation Conceals

  • Blemishes
  • Large pores
  • Age Spots
  • Redness
  • Acne
  • Freckles
  • Birth Marks
  • Fine Lines
  • Wrinkles

You are given three finishing options which are the Bronzer, the Pink Papaya Blush, or the Pearl Shimmer Highlighter.

The box contains:

  • Airbrush compressor
  • An airbrush
  • Bottles of fair to medium tone foundation.
  • An anti-aging primer with has moisturizing effects.
  • Blush which enhances your natural complexion
  • A bronzer
  • A pearl shimmer highlighter f
  • Airbrush cleaner
  • Travel bag.

Pros of the Art of Air Professional system:

  • This kit is for beginners and for professional usage. You may find big makeup artists and professionals using this kit.
  • The kit comes with additional high-quality makeup. It has also been on the market for very long.

Cons Art of Air Professional:

  • You need to clean the airbrush regularly to prevent it from clogging.

5. The Original: Dinair Airbrush Makeup Starter Kit

The Original: Dinair Airbrush Makeup Starter Kit is the perfect airbrush professional kit for anyone interested in airbrush makeup. The kit has everything a starter would need to get a flawless camera ready look. Professionals and everyday makeup wearers use this makeup range. The kit comes with a professional air compressor. It is light and travel-friendly. This kit can be used for both face and body. It gives ultra smooth coverage. You would never need to worry about clogging and the product is widely popular in the beauty community.

The contents of the kit:

The kit comes with a user-friendly DVD which has in-depth tutorials on how to apply the makeup. The products in the kit are water based. It can cover dark spots, acne, hideous melasma, and redness. The Original: Dinair Airbrush Makeup Starter Kit has a flawless airbrush makeup foundation, a moist and dewy moisturizer, blush, highlighter, bronzer, and a compressor.

Pros of the Dinair Airbrush Makeup Starter Kit  :

  • Comes with a travel bag.
  • Lasts more than twenty-four hours and is both sweatproof and waterproof.
  • Comes in many shades.
  • You just need two to three drops.
  • You can choose between a full matt coverage, satin finish, or a natural matt finish.

Cons of the Dinair Airbrush Makeup Starter Kit :

  • Brushes with the kit may cause skin infection. Buy your own brushes with natural animal hair.
  • The compressor is of a low quality.

6. Mineral Air Cordless Airbrush with Light Foundation

The Mineral Air Cordless Airbrush claims to be the world’s first cordless airbrush mineral makeup system. The product is designed for salons and makeup studios. You can choose the right shade for yourself from the six options they have provided. Mineral Air is made up of hundred percent pure mineral pigments. It contains argan oil, pomegranate extract, Laminaria Japonica Extract, Vitamin C, and E. The product does not have synthetic dyes, mineral oils, or gluten. Mineral Air gives you a thirty-day return guarantee.

Mineral Air comes with:

  • A black or white dispenser
  • Three shades of 4-in-1 Hydrating Foundation
  • A contouring brush
  • Bronzer
  • Three additional months of 4-in-1 Foundation
  • Pros of the Mineral Air Cordless Airbrush  set:
  • The product lasts for more than ten years.
  • It gives more coverage than liquid and powder makeup.
  • It takes less time to apply.
  • The makeup is made up of hundred percent makeup.
  • The product is effective on all type of skins.

Cons of the Mineral Air Cordless Airbrush set:

The product may be hard to obtain and is expensive.

7. TYRELLEX Cake Airbrush Kit with Adjustable Flow Control

The TYRELLEX Cake Airbrush Kit with Adjustable Flow Control and Moisture Trap has been ranked high in the airbrush makeup system by users, cake bakers, and makeup gurus. It is an exceptionally good brand of airbrush kit. The product comes with a one-year warranty. It is made up of the best quality materials and the product is durable.


  • Airbrush
  • Air Compressor
  • AC Power Adaptor
  • Air hose
  • Moisture trap

Pros of the TYRELLEX Cake Airbrush Kit :

  • The price is excellent for a starter’s kit.

Cons of the TYRELLEX Cake Airbrush Kit :

  • Maintenance of the kit is required to avoid clogging its pores.

8. TEMPTU SP-40 Makeup Airbrush

Temptu Pro airbrush makeup system has been around for a decade. Temptu Pro has a large series of makeup products in the market. It is a well-respected brand. The range of the makeup is not water based. The Temptu Pro airbrush makeup system is silicon based. It has two main compressors and airbrush guns. Professional make up artists have sworn by this brand. It can fulfill all your airbrushing needs. Temptu Pro airbrush makeup system is a salon favorite and is very affordable.

The Airbrush Makeup system:

Temptu Pro comes with two compressors and four airbrush guns. You will find many makeup accessories with the Temptu Pro. The Temptu Air compressor is one of the smaller portable airbrush compressors. It has many flaws because of its size, but it is a very efficient compressor. The  S-One compressor is the cheaper and the better compressor that comes with this kit. The

Temptu Pro comes with the SP-35, SP-40, SE-50, and AirPod airbrush gun. The SP-35 is the best gun out of this lot.

The Makeup:

The Temptu Pro system is an excellent range of makeup. They are usually silicon based and oil free. However water based, and alcohol based makeup are also available. Silicon based makeup gives a flawless, dewy, and HD look. Silicon based make up can do wonders for dry skin. The AirPod foundation shades have yellow undertones and hence can be perfect for darker skin tones. The Temptu Pro system has different price ranges. You get what you pay for. The Temptu Pro Deluxe Kit comes with the following contents:

  • One set of compressor
  • SP-35 Airbrush
  • One foundation set
  • Blush starter
  • Highlighter starter
  • Primer
  • The mixing medium
  • Adjuster starter
  • Concealer wheel
  • Airbrush makeup DVD
  • Finishing powder
  • Airbrush cleaning kit

Pros of the TEMPTU SP-40 makeup set :

  • It comes with a DVD and its official website gives you in-depth details on how to use the kit. It is the perfect kit for a starter.
  • This kit is recommended if you are opening your own makeup salon.

Cons TEMPTU SP-40 Makeup :

  • Professional makeup artists rarely use the Temptu Pro anymore.
  • The makeup does not suit everyone. The foundations may be a problem for people with pink undertones.

9. Belloccio Professional Beauty Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System

The Belloccio Airbrush Makeup Kit is a revolutionary airbrush makeup system. It is used by celebrities for red carpet events and theater. The Belloccio Airbrush Makeup Kit is a groundbreaking beauty tool. It can be easily applied and is very high-definition. The airbrush makeup kit comes with four foundation colors. It can be mixed and matched and used by people of any skin tone. The foundation does not cake and clogs your pore.

It is known for its flawless finish and excellent bendability.  The kit also has an anti-aging moisturizing primer, a bronzer, blush and highlighter bottles. The products are all FDA approved and are cruelty-free. The foundation is highly blendable and free of parabens.

The system is very affordable and keeps your face oil free for the entire day. The system offers you a year’s replacement warranty and comes with an instruction DVD. You can get free products like an extra bottle of blush with it. A travel bag may come with this kit.

Pros of the Belloccio Airbrush Makeup Kit:

  • The airbrush equipment is efficient and gives a smooth finish. You do not need to over spray the product.
  • There are four different foundation colors provided to suit your skin.
  • The bronzers and the darker foundation would not give orange tones. Hence, you do not end up looking like a carrot. It just makes you look darker and sunkissed.
  • The makeup lasts for ten hours.
  • Only two drops of blush are required to get the desired effect.

Cons of the Belloccio Airbrush Makeup Kit:

  • You need to use the primer with the colors to get the desired effect.
  • Shipping takes a long time.
  • You need to study the instruction manual before having any success with applying the products.

10. Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Airbrushing System

Iwata s a reputed name in the Airbrush makeup industry. It is also very popular with makeup artists and art students. It recently became very popular with celebrity makeup artist. The brand gives a choice between few compressors. The compressor is backed by a year warranty and the airbrush guns come with a five years warranty. The compressor has many working PSI ranges. These ranges are perfect for applying foundation, blush, bronzer, and contouring. It can be even ideal for tanning and finger nail painting.

Iwata compressors and airbrush guns are suitable for a wide range of liquid makeup. They are best suited for aloe-based, alcohol-based, silicone-based, or water-based products. The Silver Jet which comes with the kit is a great option for tanning.

It may give you a natural finish. Though it is not a professional machine it works fine for starters.

Pros of the Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Airbrushing System :

The products are of very high quality.

The pricing is reasonable and different types of makeup can be used with different bases.

The Jet Air Compressor is adjustable from PSI 10 to 18.

Cons of the Iwata Eclipse HP-CS Airbrushing System  :

  • Availability may be difficult.
  • The price of the product may be too high for people trying to buy an entire makeup system with the cosmetics.

Airbrushing makeup can make your makeup stay longer. It can help you achieve the no make up look. We have listed above some of the best airbrush makeup kit available in the market. Each of it has its strengths and weaknesses. Some of them come with makeup products with rare ingredients.

It is difficult to choose the best kit. It may depend on the nature of the usage. Their sizes and degree of precision may vary with the cost. Most of the products listed here are affordable, but some are more expensive than the others. This is because some of the kits come with more products and carry out multiple functions.