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[Top 10] Best Shampoos for Gray Hair

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When your hair starts graying, you may rush to color it. You can continue coloring it until your face begins to show your age. After that you will look strange with colored hair. The other alternative is to embrace your gray hair and age gracefully. Whatever you choose, remember gray hair too require TLC and proper hair care. That is why you should not disregard shampoo for gray hair. In fact, a shampoo especially formulated for gray hair should be an integral part of your hair care regimen so that your gray hair is soft, radiant-looking, healthy, and easy to manage.

Why You Need Special Grey Hair Shampoo?

Gray hair develops when all the pigment cells in the hair stop producing pigments. By the time you hit 30, you will have a few gray hair. If you have dark hair, the grays will be more obvious compared to light-colored hair. By the time you reach 50, half of your crowning glory will be gray. While scientists do not know why pigment cells stop producing pigments, they do know that genetics have a role to play. We also know that given the texture of gray hair, it is important you give your hair special care.

Just because you have gray hair, it does not mean that your hair requires less maintenance. On the contrary, you may not spend money on coloring agents and dyes, but you will still be spending money on shampoo, conditioner and supplements that promote healthy hair growth. Remember, gray hair have thin cuticles and this exposes them more to pollutants and contaminants than normal colored hair. This can take a toll on the appearance and health of your hair, causing it to look greasy, limp and dull.

Best Shampoos for Gray Hair

These issues mean you need a shampoo that can maintain the look and appearance of your gray hair while also making it healthy. Hence, it is vital that you do not select a shampoo for white hair without doing adequate due diligence.

RankingProductsReview Score Pricing
1.Phyto Phytargent Brightening Shampoo

(Editor’s Choice)
2.V76 by Vaughn Brightening Shampoo
3.Klorane Shampoo with Centaury 9.4
4.Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed 9.0
5.L’Oreal Professional Serie Expert Silver Shine 8.9
6.Jhirmack Shampoo Silver Plus 8.7
7.Touch Of Silver Daily Shampoo 8.5
8.Rene Furterer Okara 8.3
9.Softly Silver Shampoo Plus 8.2
10.American Crew Gray Shampoo 8.0

The best shampoo for gray hair should not only boost shine, but also minimize yellowness, which is a major problem with gray hair. Also, the shampoo should boost the health of your hair without you having to take extreme steps. It is critical that you spend time finding the perfect shampoo for gray hair that nourishes your hair from root to tip and makes you feel proud of your crowning glory, even though it has lost its color with age and chemical treatments.

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Here are some of the best shampoos for gray hair that you should look at. You will definitely find one that best suits your hair and lets you flaunt your grayness with pride and panache.

1. Phyto Phytargent Brightening Shampoo

If you are looking to do away with brassy and yellow tones of your gray hair, you cannot go wrong with Phyto Phytargent Brightening Shampoo. It removes that yellow tint on the hair and also manages to make the hair bouncy and glossy. One of the reasons it is the perfect shampoo for silver hair is because it neutralizes oxidative stress while leaving your gray looking soft and supple.

PHYTARGENT Brightening Shampoo

It is easy to use, just like a regular shampoo. However, make sure that you rinse your hair thoroughly to get rid of the shampoo. Also, follow the manufacturer’s recommend on the frequency of use.


  • Gives gray hair a glossy shine
  • Removes yellow hue from the hair
  • Makes hair soft and manageable
  • Neutralizes oxidative stress
  • Gives hair body and bounce


  • Blue/purple shampoo that cannot be used more than once or twice a week. Otherwise, it will give the hair a blue tint
  • Comes with a strong odor that many users find unpleasant
  • Expensive to purchase

2. V76 by Vaughn Brightening Shampoo

If you are looking for a gray hair shampoo that will revitalize your dull gray hair, check out the V76 by Vaughn Brightening Shampoo. It contains natural ingredients that remove the dull look from your hair. The coconut in the shampoo helps make the hair smooth and luminous; the sage leaf extract cleanses and nourishes the scalp while strengthening the hair; and the sunflower seed extract protects your hair from free radicals and reverses oxidative damage. It gently moisturizes hair to make it soft and yielding.

V76 by Vaughn Brightening Shampoo

Remember, you need to use just a small amount of this shampoo after you use your regular shampoo. It will help you combat frizz, which can be a problem with gray hair.


  • Easy to use
  • Gives the hair a radiant appearance
  • Reduces hair fall by strengthening gray hair
  • Cleanses and revitalizes hair
  • Reverses damage caused by free radicals
  • Moisturizes hair to make it smooth and glossy
  • Prevents breakage


  • Can be an expensive purchase
  • May make the hair feel too fine and unmanageable

3. Klorane Shampoo with Centaury – White & Gray Hair

Klorane Shampoo with Centaury – White & Gray Hair is perhaps the good shampoo for silver hair. It contains centaury extract, which facilitates gentle cleansing of hair and also works to reduce the yellow tint in the gray hair. The extract is known to give hair subtle silver highlights, making it perfect for individuals with salt and pepper gray hair or those who have just started graying.

Klorane Shampoo with Centaury

What makes this shampoo really unique is that unlike other shampoos formulated for gray hair, it can be used more frequently without worrying about your grays getting a blue or purple tint. It is free of harmful chemicals and artificial coloring agents.


  • Brings out the natural radiance of gray and silver hair
  • Reduces yellowing of the gray hair
  • Gently cleanses the hair and scalp
  • Leaves hair voluminous, soft and supple
  • Free from paraben, silicone and synthetic colorants
  • Can be used frequently without worries


  • Slightly expensive, but the cost is offset by the small amounts of shampoo that you require to wash your gray hair
  • Can make some hair types dry

4. Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed So Silver Shampoo

Although a purple-colored shampoo, this is great for silver, gray and blonde hair. It gets rid of that ugly yellow tint that gray and silver hair get, and it also helps to give hair more body and shine, leaving it easy to manage. The Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed So Silver Shampoo is said to be the perfect grey hair shampoo, as it helps to cleanse the hair and scalp with ease while conditioning the hair. As a result, you will be left with radiant gray hair even if you don’t like the strong fragrance of the shampoo.

Silver Shampoo


  • Removes brassiness and yellow tones from gray hair
  • Cleanses hair gently to keep it healthy
  • Conditions hair, leaving it soft and manageable
  • Gives gray hair an enviable brightness
  • Reasonably priced
  • Has a nice, fresh fragrance


  • Can make hair a little dry
  • Can be used just two to three times a week

5. L’Oreal Professional Serie Expert Silver Shine Reviving Shampoo

L’Oreal Professional Serie Expert Silver Shine Reviving Shampoo is the ideal shampoo for gray hair. It helps to reduce yellowing of gray hair and makes gray and silver hair shiny and luminescent. You will find that after using this shampoo, your hair feels soft and it will also be more manageable, without any coarseness or frizz.

Silver Shine Reviving Shampoo

It removes mineral and contaminant deposits from the hair, allowing the natural brightness of silver and gray hair to come through.


  • Effective in removing yellowish tint from gray hair
  • Makes hair soft and supple
  • Boosts the natural silver color of the hair to give it a radiant appearance
  • Does not overly soften hair and hence, hair has sufficient body
  • The mild cologne fragrance disappears after the hair dries
  • Gentle enough for daily use


  • Some users state it makes the hair too soft, leaving it flat
  • Does not come with a pump to pump out the shampoo

6. Jhirmack Shampoo Silver Plus Ageless

If you are searching for a shampoo for white hair, Jhirmack Shampoo Silver Plus Ageless fits the bill. It removes the yellowish tint from white hair, boosts white highlights and also softens hair to make it more manageable. You will find that this shampoo prevents hair breakage as it improves the elasticity of the hair. It can be used frequently without worry about the gray hair getting blue.

Ageless Shampoo


  • Eliminates yellow hue of gray hair
  • Makes hair soft and supple
  • Improves elasticity of hair
  • Enhances white highlights of hair
  • Gives the hair an enviable shine and gloss


  • Contains sulfate in the form of sodium laurel sulfate
  • Has a strong odor

7. Touch Of Silver Daily Shampoo

In case you are looking for gray hair shampoo that does not turn your hair blue, you will be pleased with the Touch Of Silver Daily Shampoo. You can use it every day without worries on gray, platinum and white hair. This shampoo alleviates dullness, giving your hair bounce and shine that people will notice and compliment.

Touch Of Silver Daily Shampoo

The shampoo is gentle on the hair and does not impart an unsightly blue tinge to gray hair. It cleans the scalp and also protects the hair from contaminants and minerals so that it does not regain its yellow tint.


  • Can be used every day
  • It helps reduce yellowness of gray hair
  • Makes hair silky soft and more manageable
  • Does not have an offensive odor
  • Is not highly pigmented
  • Imparts a glossy shine to white hair


  • May not be effective on all hair types
  • May not be able to take out all the brass from gray hair

8. Rene Furterer Okara Mild Silver Shampoo

Rene Furterer Okara Mild Silver Shampoo has been formulated for gray, white and platinum blonde hair. It is a gentle and mild shampoo that nourishes, protects and repairs hair from environmental stressors and contaminants. It contains okara extract that helps to restructure hair, making it strong and more elastic.

Mild Silver Shampoo

Using this shampoo for white hair will remove any sign of yellowing while bringing out the natural brilliance and radiance of your hair. This is because of the presence of Hamamelis extract, which is a natural pigment-fixing agent and boosts color intensity and radiance.


  • Purple color of the shampoo will not stain bathroom tiles
  • Enhances the whiteness of hair
  • Gets rid of the yellow tint
  • Adds volume to hair
  • Gently cleanses scalp and hair
  • Nourishes and repairs hair


  • Can dry certain hair types
  • Expensive to purchase

9. Softly Silver Shampoo Plus Conditioner

Softly Silver Shampoo Plus Conditioner is a gray hair shampoo that does away the need to condition your hair as the conditioner is integrated in the formula. It brings out the natural shine and luster of gray hair and also softens and moisturizes it. The shampoo contains 20 per cent aloe vera and pantenol that restore hair health and also protect it from future damage. You can easily use it on damaged hair to make it soft and shiny once again. It removes the yellow tint of white hair with ease.

Softly Silver Shampoo Plus Conditioner


  • Contains aloe vera and pantenol to moisturize and hydrate dull, dry hair
  • Softens hair, gives it volume, and makes it more manageable
  • Protects hair from environment stressors
  • Safe for use on damaged hair or sensitive skin
  • Gives the hair a brilliant white color
  • Removes yellow hue from gray hair
  • Minimizes frizz


  • Expensive purchase
  • Conditioner amount in the shampoo may not be sufficient for all hair types

10. American Crew Gray Shampoo

If you want to get rid of yellow tones from your gray hair, you have to try American Crew Gray Shampoo. It contains hydrolyzed milk protein that helps hair absorb and retain moisture. Hence, it makes hair soft and manageable. The balsam Canada present in the formula is a natural resin that conditions hair and prevents it from drying out.

Crew Gray Shampoo

This grey hair shampoo also gets rid of yellow tones from gray hair, leaving it shimmering white that will fetch you a lot of compliments.



  • Perfect shampoo for silver hair that is dry
  • Gets rid of brassy and yellow tones from gray hair
  • Ideal shampoo for graying hair
  • Makes hair soft, hydrated and better moisturized
  • Contains hydrolyzed milk protein too boost hydration
  • Balsam Canada functions as a natural resin to lock in moisture and condition the hair
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Helps hair combat heat



  • Not suitable for oily hair as it can leave it looking limp
  • Fragrance is strong, although not offensive

Now you know more about the right shampoo for gray hair. However, just shampooing is not sufficient if you want soft, lustrous and voluminous gray hair. You also need to be aware of the tips and tricks how to manage gray or graying hair so that you can be proud of your locks.

Tips to Make Gray and Silver Hair Look Awesome

You should wear your gray and silver hair with pride. It is a badge that you should not be afraid to flaunt, regardless of the occasion. If you want more than just getting rid of yellow tint from gray hair, here are a few tips that will make your tresses the cynosure of all eyes.

Use shampoo that will boost shine of your hair: Gray hair can look dull and dry as it does not have sufficient cuticle to protect the hair from pollutants and contaminants. This can cause deposits of minerals on the hair, leaving it looking yellow. Well, the shampoo for gray hair that you choose should be able to do away with the yellowing and give your white locks a shimmer that could let you substitute the sun on a dull, cloudy day!

Use conditioner without fail: Make your hair conditioner your best friend. As mentioned earlier, gray hair has a thinner layer of cuticle compared to other hair. Hence, it tends to look coarse and it is also more susceptible to breakage. By applying conditioner regularly, you will make your hair soft, keep it moisturized and ensure it is more manageable. You will not have to contend with frizz, which is a common problem with gray hair.

Deep condition your hair once a week: Even though you have gray hair, you should not neglect deep conditioning it. It will help repair cuticles and boost the shine. You can use Vitamin E, olive oil, coconut oil or avocado oil to deep condition your hair once a week. Just apply the oil on your hair and then cover your head with shower cap and enjoy a good night’s rest. The following day wash your hair with your favorite grey hair shampoo to revel in lustrous soft locks that are super-hydrated and conditioned.

Use lightweight hairstyling products: Since gray hair has thin cuticle, it can begin looking greasy very quickly. So, it is best to stay away from hairstyling products that contain alcohol or are too heavy on the hair. Alcohol will dry your hair further, making it more prone to damage and breakage while heavy styling products will make your gray hair look limp and lifeless.

Take supplements of vitamins B6 and B12: Vitamins B6 and B12 promote healthy growth of hair. Hence, you should include these supplements in your daily supplement regimen so that you end up with healthy and strong hair. Fish oil is replete with both vitamins and taking fish oil capsules is simple and convenient.

Avoid exposing your hair to direct sunlight: Even if you enjoy staying in the sun to get your daily dose of Vitamin D, remember it can wreak havoc with your gray hair. Your hair no longer has melanin and this makes it prone to sun damage. Sunlight can give your hair a dull appearance. So, when you step outdoor, protect your hair with a hat or a head wrap. Alternatively, you can look for hair products that contain SPF so that you hair is protected each time you make your way into the sun. In case you intend to stay out in the sun for extended period of time, use a swimcap cream to protect your gray hair and scalp.

Use shampoo for gray hair with care: You will notice that most shampoos for gray hair are blue or purple in color. Most are not recommended for daily use, but some can be used on a daily basis without worries. The ones that are not formulated for daily use can impart a blue tinge to your hair if you use them every day! Yes, your white locks will turn blue. So, follow the directions on the label with care when shampooing gray hair.

Get lowlights at a salon: If your hair is just graying and you want to stop dyeing it, opt for lowlights that will make it easier for you to deal with the contrast between graying roots and colored hair. Lowlights tend to ease the transition of the hair from one color to the other.

Use clear gloss or glaze: Do not hesitate to apply clear gloss on your hair. It will make it shinier and softer. Opt for a gloss that contains seed or fruit oil as it will smooth the hair strands, without causing a frizz.


Now you know the best shampoo for gray hair in the market. So, find one that best suits your hair. Also, use the gray hair care tips so that you can optimally maintain the beauty and health of your gray hair. Let us know which gray hair shampoo suited your hair the best and why. We would love to hear from you.