7 Best Korean CC Cream 2018

Best Korean CC Cream

In the last few years, CC creams have been loved by women worldwide. Not only them, but BB creams as well have been a huge trend in the beauty community.

Due to their lightweight feeling, creamy texture, affordable prices, and radiant finishes, they’ve become loved, and one of those must-have beauty items in every purse. If you are someone who prefers minimal makeup and you enjoy a quick and easy get ready morning routine, then you are going to love some of our top 7 recommended Korean creams.

What Is Actually A BB Cream?

This is a short way of saying your ”beauty balm”. This balm or ”cream” became popular in Korea years ago since women of Korea craved lightweight foundations with a lot of healthy substances. Women in Korea are all about the skincare, so they’ve (in time) invented better formulas and textures for their specific skin type.

Since they are so blessed with fair and healthy complexions, they’ve been making and wearing these creams really often and correctly. Most of the time, a well made BB or CC cream will protect you from the sun, and still look like your own skin once it is applied. 

Why You Should Use It

Your BB cream is actually a multi-purpose product.

This is like your everyday tinted moisturizer, a foundation, a cream, and a concealer- so it is no shock that women love to use it. If you prefer affordable, healthy, and easy to apply products, BB cream is the way to go. It is also travel-friendly since it can fit in every makeup bag, or even your pocket! More:  Korean BB Cream

What Is a CC Cream?

Many women often mix these two up, or they believe that they are the same thing. However, a CC cream stands for color correcting or correcting cream. For those who are on a lookout for some additional coverage, CC cream has got a bit more than your typical BB cream. The product is affordable and still highly used worldwide, as well as in Korea.

Why You Should Use It

If you have some dark spots, signs of imperfection or ageing, you can cover it all up with the right CC cream. The formula of this cream is a bit thicker than the BB creams formula, so you should be aware of this before making your purchase. Also, when applying it, you can use your favorite foundation brush, or you can use a damp beauty blender. On the other hand, BB creams are usually applied by hands and the tips of the fingers since they are so sheer, so no reason to hassle with the tools.

How To Use A CC Cream Step By Step

Prep: Healthy and good looking skin demands a lot of makeup prepping. Do your everyday skincare routine by clearing up the skin and applying an exfoliator or your moisturizer.

Primer: Use a makeup primer if your skin is overly sensitive, oily, or too dry. This way, the primer will hold the makeup a lot better, and will hold it for hours to come while setting everything in place. However, if your skin type is normal, you can skip the primer and go in with your CC cream straight away.

Application: Both BB and CC creams can be applied with your brushes, or with your fingers as long as you are careful and precise (and as long as your hands are clean). When blending it in, make a lot of circular motions since this way you will build up that coverage. Also, the foundation will look seamless and not streaky when applied the right way.

Best Korean CC Creams

Since now you know the difference between all 3 types you can proceed with your purchase. If you feel like CC creams are the best option for your preference since you love a bit more of coverage, but you don’t need any additional anti-ageing properties, then this is your way to go! Your best options are:

1. It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better

This CC cream has been loved in the beauty community since it has an excellent coverage power while being pore minimizing. This cream is also a good primer and a spot corrector. The best thing about this product is the fact that it features an SPF 50. It is the perfect choice for any skin type and a great choice for the summer season. The formula can boost your hydration level up to 79%, which makes this product great for dry skin types.

CC Cream with SPF 50 Plus

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The formula has a lot of hyaluronic acids as well as collagen. It is cruelty-free and paraben free. When applying it, you can reuse it every 15 minutes if you are going to use it as a sunscreen. The cream is water resistant and great at providing foundation-like coverage. Also, the cream comes in 7 different shades, which is great since you can match yourself easily.

2. The Face Shop Face It Aura CC Cream

This bright pink packaging contains a CC cream for women who crave a bright and glowy looking complexion. If you are someone who loves The Face Shop, and you wish to look your best at any point during the day, this is your must-have product. You can wear the cream for 12 hours to come thanks to its innovative formula. The cream is able to cover your dark circles while feeling hydrating on the face. It is easy to blend out with your fingers, or with a flat brush.

FACE it Aura CC Cream

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It has some properties such as your typical DD cream since it can protect your skin from harmful ingredients while being lightweight on the face. Also, it has an anti-wrinkle effect while being able to create a spotlight and bright under eye effect. Color-wise, you can purchase the product in 3 different shades, which is not a lot, but enough for your regular CC cream since it can blend effortlessly.

3. Supergoop Daily Correct CC Cream

Supergoop created one of the best CC creams that has a color correcting option. This cream features sun protection as well as UV fighting properties while being very comfortable once applied on the skin. This is a 100% mineral product that can be used on any skin type, sensitive skin as well. The best thing about it is the fact that it features an SPF 35. This makes it perfect for the summer season and higher temperatures.

Daily Correct CC Cream SPF 40

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The coverage is medium while feeling very lightweight on the skin. The cream is 100%  natural and perfect for those who are off to a vacation. This specific formula has omega-3 and 6 acids, as well as some apple extract that can correct hyperpigmentation. You can use the product as a sunscreen and re-apply it every 2 hours before being exposed to the sun. The cream is also paraben and fragrance-free; therefore it is perfect for sensitive skin types.

4. Etude House Correct and Care Cream

This is a Korean product that has been specifically made for women who have sensitive and lighter complexion. It is an excellent option for women who love lightweight and sheer products, and it is very affordable as well. This CC cream has an SPF 30 and 8 in 1 skincare properties. It is actually a wrinkle care cream, stress care moisturizer, water-based and lightweight tinted cream that has a lot of UV protection.

Etude House Correct and Care CC Cream

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If you prefer very lightweight and comfortable sheer products on your skin then you will love this one. Also, if you prefer Korean products then this CC cream will suit you the best. Women of all ages can use it without worrying about any unwanted wrinkles, fine lines, or uneven coverage. Your skin will look healthy and glowy with this product.

5. Banila Co It Radiant CC Cream

For those who are on a lookout for some extra moisture and luminosity, this cream is for them. It is a color correcting cream and a lightweight option that you can choose for your everyday life. The product has a lot of eco herb water properties which will brighten your skin and leave it looking glowy and healthy.

best korean cc cream for oily skin

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The formula is comfortable while leaving your skin soft, pore-free and wrinkle-free. You can use it on an everyday basis and enjoy its luminous outcome. It is the perfect option for tired, dull, and dry skin. Since it contains a lot of healthy and natural substances, the cream can give you radiant and lovely bright skin. Also, the product has an SPF 30 which you will appreciate for hotter days.

6. Erborian CC Cream

Erborian is a world famous brand that women love to use on an everyday basis. Erborian has got some of the best face products, such as their primers and this CC cream. The formula is filled with pigment that will match every skin tone. Once applied properly and evenly over the skin, the cream can give out a blurring effect. If you are someone who loves radiant skin know that you can have it with this product.

korean cc cream

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The product feels very hydrating once it is applied to the skin. Also, another great fact is that it has an SPF 25, which is not a lot, but it is perfectly fine for your everyday wear. This cream will protect you from any UVA or UVB rays while looking like your own glowy skin.

7. It’s Skin Radiant Star CC Cream

The lovely star based and pink colored packaging is perfect for women who love practical and cute creams. This one is made for women who have problematic skin since it has a lot of healing properties. This is a 7 in 1 multi cream that can work like your moisturizer, skin brightener, wrinkle serum, your sunscreen, a primer, and a practical BB cream.

Skin Radiant Star CC Cream

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You can achieve a lot of different finishes and effects with this product, and you can wear it all throughout the year. If you are someone who has dry, dull, or wrinkly skin, you can use it and still achieve a flawless outcome. You can cover up some blemishes and protect your skin thanks to the SPF 36 while reducing any fine lines or wrinkles. It is also safe to use as a primer for your makeup, and your foundation/concealer.

How Often Should You Use a CC Cream?

You can use it on an everyday basis since the formula of it is very comfortable, healthy, and lightweight. CC and BB creams are specially formulated for women who prefer lighter coverage, sheer and glowy finishes, as well as healthy and natural looking skin. This means that you can use it as long as you don’t demand a lot of coverage and as long as you prefer natural looking skin.

What About DD Creams?

These do exist as well, but they are not as used or as popular as the previously mentioned two kinds. This cream stands for daily defense since it contains a lot of antioxidants which can protect your skin. Your face will be protected from any UV ray, pollution, or environment while having a proper SPF, but CC coverage. Usually, older women who are afraid of ageing, the sun, and any type of pollution love using this product.


In the end, it is safe to say that every skin type can use a BB cream. The main thing that you need to be aware of before purchasing one of these 7 creams is whether you want the semi-sheer or semi-full coverage. Besides this, you also got to buy an appropriate primer for your skin type. Once you do, any of these creams will look phenomenal on you. Also, make sure you apply even layers and you will look healthy, and glowy.