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7 Best Hot Rollers That Are Easy to Use Reviewed

hot rollers

Hot rollers are the few types of hair styling tools that have remained relevant many years down the line. Many people prefer them to curling irons. Not long ago, almost every lady owned a curling iron. I would not blame them because they give fantastic results. The flips and curls are breathtaking. In addition to that, it is a perfect choice for touch-up styling. Nevertheless, things have changed.

People have abandoned them for hot rollers. The curling iron may give excellent results. However, it will take you a long period to accomplish that. They will damage your hair, and it is all for no good reason since the curls become loose shortly.

Why are hot rollers a better alternative?

You are probably wondering because you cannot comprehend why one would wish to use such ‘mediocre’ tools. Didn’t your grandmother use them many years ago? The pathetic look that she had that morning after sleeping in them for a night. Why then do people choose them now? Let me give you the reasons. If only you paid much attention to these ‘babies’, this would not be news. As much as the concept is the same, what we have now is different from what our ‘ancestors’ used.

The many choices of rollers could bring confusion. Are you in a dilemma? Do worry no more. Out of all the types of hair rollers mentioned above, I would go for hot rollers for the following reasons.

  • They are the best for quick curls.
  • Since the sets come with rollers of different sizes, you are at liberty to perform several styles as well.
  • They come with a container that not only stores but also heats them.
  • Hot rollers are easy to use hence no need for an expert’s assistance.
  • They can accommodate all types and sizes of hair including thick, thin, short as well as long among others.
  • The hot rollers allow you to do other things why they style your hair.
  • They are perfect for both curls and volume depending on your preference.
  • The hot rollers have less heat damage compared to other styling tools.
  • Their curls will last for a long while still looking neat.
  • The time you need to curl your hair with them is less than that required when using other tools.

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List of Best Hot Rollers

The dramatic change of their technologies now and then and for the better is responsible for their up to date relevance. I would not want you to miss the opportunity they offer. For that reason, I have a list of the best heated hair rollers on the market. Check it out!

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Professional Roller

If you in search of the best hot rollers, I recommend these without any fear of contradiction. The set differs from the rest in a million ways. Unlike the traditional ones, they lock themselves. Consequently, you need neither pins nor claws for them to stick and remain in the right position. They keep your hair healthy and hydrated. Therefore, dry, frizzy and brittle hair will be a thing of the past. The reason is that the manufacturer has adopted the Nano Titanium technology. That facilitates the creation of heat from the inside of the hair. Many people do not know that it will be unhealthy for your hair if the heat comes from the outside. The brand has mastered the art. That makes it ideal if you are looking for one for professional reasons.

Best Hot Rollers


  • The curling not only sticks but also remains in the right position for perfect curls
  • It is self-closing hence no need for pins
  • Due to its Nano-Titanium Technology, the heat used will not damage your hair.


  • It is only ideal for tight curls. That is because of its small diameter hence not ideal if you are looking for loose ones

Final Verdict: The set is perfect because it contains 20 sticks. In addition to that, they comprise two sizes which are 3/8 as well as ½ inches. Therefore, you are at liberty to go for either small or medium curls. There is something positive that comes with the small size. The sticks hold little hair resulting in curls that will be tight and hence last for long. Equally important, they are perfect regardless of whether your hair is straight, thin or fine. Those with fine hair knows too well how hard it is to curl them. These hot rollers will help.

2. Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Jumbo And Super Jumbo Hot Rollers

The next one on our list is from a formidable brand by the name Conair. Gone are the days when ladies suffered from bad hair days without a remedy. These are among the best solutions. Why? One, the choice of the material is top-notch. It is none other than ceramic, and it is well-known when it comes to preventing your hair from heat damage. Other features that facilitate that are the Ceramic Infused Technology as well as the velvet cover on the rollers. In addition to that, the material heats very fast. It will save you much time because, in less than a minute, the hot rollers will be ready.

hot roller reviews

Some signals will ensure that you neither remove them when not ready nor let them heat too much. For the ready one, there is an indicator light that will turn red as soon as they are ideally hot. The other one turns on when the hot rollers get powered on. How then would you expect to get it wrong regarding their heat?


  • The manufacturer has used a material that not only heats fast but also prevents your hair from heat damage
  • This package comes with clips to ensure that the hair stays in place
  • There are two sizes of rollers to suit different styles
  • Chances of getting stuck when using them are low because of the detailed manual


  • The large size makes it a wrong choice if you have either thin or fine hair

Final Verdict: Once you buy it, you will have 12 hot rollers. As if the number is not amazing, they come in two sizes. Four of them measures 1.75 inches while the rest are 1.5 inches. They are perfect for both small and medium curls. For those with short hair, do not even think about it. Use a setting one for tight curls as well.

3. Remington H5600D 20-Piece Multi-Sized Roller Set

With a brand like Remington which has products that have passed the test of time, it is not a surprise that its hot rollers are among the best. The H5600D follows suit. Are you tired of heating rollers for a long time only to cool down within the first few minutes? Say goodbye to the trouble and purchase this product. It has a wax core on every roller to see to it that they retain heat for a long period. As much as they will be hot, your hands will be safe. That is all thanks to its cool-touch ends.

Remington H5600D

Its technology releases negative ions responsible for the neutralization of not only static but also frizz. They will neither stick in your hair nor slide when in use because they have a velvet coating. The rollers stay in place with the help of the clips. As a result, you get the curls you want and how you want them to look.


  • With material like ceramic comes benefits such as high quality, fast heating and protection from heat damage
  • Due to the wax core, the hot rollers retain heat for long hence live up to the expectations
  • They come in various sizes for different styles
  • Its velvety cover ensures that your hair is protected from heat damage even further
  • It has a storage case for when you are on the move


  • There are other better options if you move a lot.

Final Verdict: I would not imagine a better set because it has three sizes. We have the 1 ¼, 1 as well as those of ¾ inches. That is a perfect combination for various occasions when you want small, medium or large curls. Do not hesitate to grab one of these regardless of the size of your hair.

4. Infiniti Pro by Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flocked Rollers

This one from Conair also deserves to be on the list of the best hot rollers beyond any reasonable doubt. First of all, the brand values quality and this particular one is no exception. It has a feature that makes it perfect for many hair lengths and types. It is none other than the fact that it has several temperature settings. They are 12 of them. Thanks to the ceramic flocking, the heat has no chance of damaging your hair. How can it do so when they release few negative ions and heats the hair from inside out? The two techniques assure you that you achieve not only silky but also smooth curls. Also, while at it, it protects the hair.

Instant Heat Ceramic Flocked Rollers

It saves time because they only need two minutes for them to get ready. Beauty enthusiasts can rely on it for their impressive everyday look regardless of a tight schedule. Due to the fusion of the argon inside the rollers, frizz will be a forgotten case.  For perfect sticking of the rollers, the claw clips will do the trick.


  • The ultimate benefit that comes with the hot rollers is the 12 different temperature settings
  • Its argon oil fusion not only conditions your hair but also protects it from frizz
  • They heat fast hence ideal for professional uses
  • There are various sizes, and the number of those in one package is great


  • If you are a novice, do not expect an easy time when using the set
  • As much as they heat quickly, other types get hot relatively fast

Final verdict: There is much that you can do with a set of 20 hot rollers. In addition to that, it will be killing more than one bird with the same stone. Why not when on the package has three different sizes? For those days when you want large ones, go for those measuring 1 ¼ inches. The ¾ and 1 inches, they are perfect for the small and medium curls, respectively. Blending all of them would also do magic. When I think of the temperature settings, I see a set ideal for all hair types. With different hair types available, this one will be great if you own a salon. Despite the size or nature of the hair, it will remain a perfect choice.

5. Conair Compact Multi-Size Hot Rollers

It is yet another one from Conair. The surprising thing about the product is how such a small package can offer that much. What seemed impossible sometimes back is now something easy to find. What exactly am I talking about now? It is a package that has you covered regardless of your hair type of the nature of the curls that you are looking for at any particular time. The manufacture packs rollers of different sizes to facilitate that. Apparently, the clips will cover parts of the hair. Since the manufacturer knows that too well, they have opted for the type of plastic that also gets hot. Why then would there be patches of uncurled hair? It offers relief to those with thin hair. The reason is that they stick without slipping. That does not mean that you should not buy them if you have a thick type.

hot rollers for thick hair

They are on record as one of the hot rollers that take the least time to heat. You only need to wait for 75 seconds for you to start curling the hair. What more would you be looking for my friend?


  • It is one of the few that works as expected when it comes to thin hair
  • They heat fast within 75 seconds
  • Patches will be rare since even the clips heat
  • Its quality is impressive


  • If you are looking for uniform curls, the different sizes of the hot rollers will hinder that

Final Verdict: The package offers much for its size and cost as well. They are 20 to start with. On top of that, they are of different sizes. Both the ¾ inch and the 1 inch are of the same number which is 6. On the other hand, the number of the small ones measuring ½ of an inch is 8. That makes it perfect for different sizes of curls. It is an ultimate solution to people with thin hair. They finally have something that is perfect for their hair.

6. Caruso C97953 30 Molecular Steam Hair setter

This particular one has the highest number of rollers among all the hot rollers in our reviews. It would be hard to find a package that has 30 pieces all in one box. That is not the only reason why it is among our recommendations. During the process of curling your hair, other things are happening to it. As a result of the steam technology, your hair is not only moisturized but also conditioned. As far as the time aspect is concerned, you cannot complain about these rollers. First, you need two to three minutes to heat it. Within 5 to 10 minutes, your curls will have set. That can narrow down to 30 seconds if you use a hair drier. Therefore, it is time-saving.

portable hot roller

The curls will last relatively long as well. That is because the steam molecules reach the hair’s shaft. That becomes possible because of the curl setting technology. No hair damage either since the heat is from the outside.


  • There are 30 hot rollers in the packet
  • Each package has five different sizes
  • The molecular steam will protect your hair from heat damage
  • It will not disappoint you even if your hair is fine


  • When it comes to heat settings, there are no choices because it is only one

7. Remington H1015 Compact Hair Setter

Remington again! This talks volumes about the quality of the products that the brand offers. The benefits of the use of ceramic material are several. The heat rollers heat fast, and the heat is perfect for your profession. Static as well as frizz will be past tense. Instead, you will get curls with healthy shine and will last for long. Since it is compatible with 120-240V as well as the 50/60 Hz power outlets, it becomes perfect for international travels. It is also a high recommendation if you want to use it at your home. It comes with J-Clips that holds your hair in tight curls. The clips ensure that your hair has neither creases nor dents. You fingers will be safe from accidental burns because of the cool-touch ends.

hot rollers hair

Each size has a different colour to ensure that you use the size that you want without any confusion. You accomplish great results all thanks to the ionic technology. It is responsible for the sealing of your hair cuticle. In addition to that, the technology repels not only humidity but also static.


  • It has unique clips- J-Clips- that sees to it that your hair lacks both creases and dents
  • The cold-touch ends prevent accidents during styling
  • Its ionic technology and the use of ceramic protects your hair from heat damage
  • It is compatible with worldwide voltage
  • The compact size makes it a perfect travelling companion


  • The number of the hot rollers which is ten may not be enough


There are apparent reasons as to why you should be careful when buying hot rollers. It is no secret that heat can damage your hair beyond repair. Therefore, you would lose what you sought to make better than it was. Would it be worth it? If you settle for the perfect ones, heat will not get a chance to damage your hair. The formidable hot roller manufacturers ensure that. How? Through the various technologies and features, they adopt when making them. We have recommendations, and the detailed discussion above will help you make a wise decision. Some of their features may differ, but that is not the case when it comes to quality. Depending on your preferences, choose one from the list above.

Things to consider when buying hot rollers

There are those attributes that define a good thing. Hot rollers have such that will help the momentous decision when purchasing hot rollers easy and worthwhile? Which ones are they? Continue reading to find out.

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Type of your hair

This step is vital when getting the best heated rollers. The thick and thin hair need different types. Therefore, if you identify the type of hair, you are good to go. The other factors that we will discuss below will mainly depend on hair that you have. If your hair was thick but with time became damaged or has been bleached, treat it as thin to avoid further damage. Those with the thick ones will face resistance when trying to curl their hair. As a result, robust features of hot rollers become mandatory for such people.


Given the type of your hair, here are tips when buying hot rollers. If yours is thin, you have several materials to consider. One is the ceramic for a shiny as well as a healthy look. Since your hair is light, it needs more care when it comes to heat. Ceramic material is a gentle one hence serves the purpose. The sponge will also do. They are efficient with thin and delicate type and usually gentle on it.

When it comes to thick hair, the wax core will do the trick. It holds heat for a long time, and that is what thick hair needs. With the material, the exposure to heat will be adequate for the results that you desire.


There is the ribbed as well as the smooth one. For the thick hair, the former ones are perfect. They will ensure that removing the hot ribbons from the curls is easy. The type of hair tends to wrap around the rollers tightly.

Do not try the ribbed ones with thick hair. If you do not heed the advice, the result will be uneven curls. The smooth ones will do since it will be easy to remove them when they cool down.

Size of barrels

There is the small, medium as well as big barrels. Large ones are perfect for volume. That will not be necessary for the thick hair. That does not mean that you cannot try it because the thick hair type can accommodate all sizes of hot rollers.

The large ones will ensure that thin hair owners will look great in the big curls. The volume is another good thing that the group of people will enjoy.

Heat Settings

I keep insisting that much heat can damage your hair. For that reason, heat settings cannot face negligence for the sake of your hair. However, thick hair will require higher ones compared to the thin ones. It is more resistant to heat and also needs much of it for tight curls.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long should you leave hot rollers in your hair?

The answer depends on the type of hair. Once your hot rollers heat to the optimum temperatures, you may take between 8 and 30 minutes for tight curls. The thicker and curlier the hair, the longer the wait.

Which hot rollers are the best to buy?

If you follow our guide depending on your hair, I can assure you that you will settle for high-quality hot rollers. Online reviews and formidable brands are other things to keep in mind.

Can you use rollers with curly hairs?

Many people expect a no, but you are in for a rude shock. You can use hot rollers on your hair if it is curly. However, you need to be patient for better results when it comes to curls.

How long to the hot rollers take to heat to the optimum temperature?

The ideal time is not specific. However, a period of between 10 and 20 minutes is good enough. If you heat for a short period, the results will be pathetic. On the other hand, too much heating will damage your hair. Therefore, be wise.

How do you use hot rollers?

We have provided you with a step by step guide on using hot rollers. Follow it to the letter, and you will love the results. I rest my case regarding hot rollers. However, I am glad because I am confident that you have enough information regarding how to use hot rollers. Our step by step guide on how to use hot rollers will give you excellent results. You should not ignore the tips either. Follow the recommendation for a great experience when it comes to hot rollers.

How to Use Hot Rollers

Are you troubled regarding how to use hot rollers? Many people say that it is not only retro but also tricky to use. However, is it a fact or fiction? What if I tell you that you could get a chance to be the arbitrator of that? Once you learn how to use them, wouldn’t you be in a better position to judge? Before I take you through a step by step guide of how to use hot rollers, I would like to tell you the benefits you stand to reap if you choose them over other hair styling tools. To begin with, you will need little time to style your hair. While at it, you can do other duties which is excellent considering how time is a rare resource.

In addition to that, the volume of your hair will look similar to that of the celebrities you admire dearly. The glamour will be just like that of the celebs if not more. Once you style it, the curls will last for long. Since the temperatures of hot rollers are relatively low, the damage the excess heat poses to your hair will be impossible. The ease to handle it will ensure that you enjoy every moment of the exercise. All that said, let’s jump to our guidelines. Read on!

Step by Step Guide

How to use hot rollers for a long time remained a million dollar question. Which is the right step by step guide on how to use hot rollers? Some have used their ways but ended up disappointed with the results. Others have no other choice but to visit salons and beauty parlors to get the hairstyle. Though the results are perfect, they spend much time to and from the place. In addition to that, they pay a lot for the services. You must fall under one of the categories, and that is how you have come to this place. If this is what you seek, then I will take you through it diligently to ensure that you get it right. Give it some time, and you will get it right next time.

1. Choose the rollers you prefer

Your choice depends on what you want to achieve in the end. Do you want soft as well as wavy curls? I recommend that you settle for big rollers. The small ones will be perfect if what you are looking for is tight curls, and you have no interest in increasing the hair volume. The number of rollers on relies on the type of coils as well.

2. Decide on whether you need a blow dryer

How do you make that decision? By answering this question. Is your hair curly? A yes means that you need to straighten your hair using a blow dryer. That ensures that your curls are not only smooth but also uniform.

3. Heat the rollers that you chose

Preheat them before you get started. As a result, your curls will last for long. Due to various preferences, temperatures may differ. The higher the temperatures, the tighter the curls will get.

4. Apply Hairspray

Heat is capable of damaging your hair. Since you are using hot rollers, applying a heat-activated spray or cream will ensure that your hair that not face that fate. In addition to that, the curls will stay intact for long. Do not spare any part of your hair when spraying for smooth curls.

5. Divide your hair into sections

Two or three sections are perfect. One should be a “Mohawk” running from forehead to the back of your head near the neck. Then proceed to the other sides of your head. Use the tail comb to partition them. Use a clip to hold each of them separately.

6. Start rolling the central part

This is it. Remember the Mohawk part? That is the part I am talking about in this step. The primary activity is rolling, and you must get it right for excellent results. How do you achieve this? Comb a section tidily ensuring that each one of them is less than two inches thick. Ensure that you hold the bunch up. Then, place the hot roller at your hair tip and start rolling it downwards toward your scalp but away from your face. Secure each hot roller with a hair clip before proceeding to the next.

7. Proceed to the sides

I must highlight that the procedure will be different from that explained earlier. It will be wrong to assume that it will be similar. For the sides, the hair will form a diagonal from the head. The direction is the only difference. From there, do as earlier stated, i.e., place the hot roller where the tip of your hair is and roll it towards the scalp. Do it repeatedly until you sort all the hair.

8. Wait

The hot rollers should remain there until they cool. The longer the wait the better the results. Patience is not optional especially if your hair is either thick, curly or both. The results will be the evidence regarding how patient you were.

9. Remove the hot rollers

One hand handles the hot rollers while the other takes care of the clip. It should be from the bottom towards the upward direction. Tugging or pulling will be a wrong move. The dire consequence will be mediocre curls.

10. Style the hair

This step of how to use hot rollers is a determining factor when it comes to how your hair looks. Use your if you want pronounced curls. For the loose ones, a comb will do. Nevertheless, be careful or else you will lose all the curls.

11. Once again, go for your hairspray

Once you do that, there is a guarantee that the hair curls will last for long.

I can comfortably say that you now have the basics. What about the details? We will begin looking at them. When it comes to general procedures, the assumptions are inevitable. Sometimes, they may turn out right. However, I do not think that they have room in this case for various reasons. One, hair types are different, and each of them has its requirements. Two, the results different people need may differ. What can you do differently depending on your hair type? Let us find out.

How to use hot rollers for volume

Many people want bigger and bouncy hair. I would not blame them because that is what I admire the most when it comes to many women celebrities. Once you follow the procedure given above, what do you need to do to achieve the volume bit? First, go for big rollers when choosing. Then, the final bouncy waves narrow down to the tenth step regarding styling your hair. If you want voluminous hair at the end of the exercise, do not use a comb to brush it after removing the hot rollers. Instead, use your fingers to comb through the curls before setting them using a hairspray.

Hot rollers

While at it, bend over so that your head can hang down. Hairspray or mousse will assist in putting them in place.

Using hot rollers for different hairstyles

The results being the only constant in the equation of how to use hot rollers, I feel that a close look at each type is a necessity. I will ensure that I talk about the common ones. Which hairs are ideal when using a hot roller? Is there something I should do besides the procedure above for my hair type? The answers will be available in a moment. Be keen on them for better results. You deserve to look good thus cannot afford to do it the wrong way.

Hot Rollers for Curly hair

I would call it taming frizzy hair. I have one, and it can give you a headache sometimes. However, hot rollers provide a great style when going for official businesses. The procedure remains the same except in a few areas. First, you need to straighten your hair using a blow dryer. Failure to do that will result in curls that are neither soft nor uniform. In addition to that, wait for some time before removing the hot rollers. The rest of the procedure remains the same.

Hot Rollers for Thick Hair

The difference if you have thick hair comes when creating the hair sections. See to it that you divide your hair into many small portions. That will ensure that you get the desired results. Go for the jumbo-sized rollers in this case. The waiting time will also be relatively long because heat needs to penetrate. The time should not be less than half an hour. Once you follow the guide given earlier and keep in mind the suggested tips, the results will be excellent.

Hot Rollers for Fine Hair

If your hair falls into this category, there are things to keep in mind. You should go for small rollers. Besides that, settle for medium heat settings to avoid hair damage. Set your rollers on the base and use any texturizing hairspray for volume. Fifteen minutes will be enough. As mentioned earlier, the procedure is the same. All I am doing is offering tips depending on the hair you have.

Hot Rollers for Short Hair

When it comes to short hair, the use of hot rollers can be tricky. You risk burning the nape of your neck. The good thing is that most people with short hair prefer ignoring the sides and the back. If you have short hair, I cannot think of a better way to style your hair. Go for medium-sized rollers of different sizes as well.

Hot Rollers for Long Hair

Hair experts recommend extra-large hot rollers. That will give you voluminous hair. Hot rollers provide good results when dealing with long hair. Yours should be no exception especially if you follow our step by step guide on how to use rollers.

How to curl with hair rollers without damaging the hair

Dryness causes hair breakage. When using hot rollers, moisture will evaporate and consequently lead to dry hair. The effect will be worse if you use the styling tool often. Does that mean that all is lost? No! There are various precautions that you can take to ensure that you do not experience hair damage when using hot rollers.

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  • Before buying hot rollers, ensure that you identify your hair type. That is one way to guide you on the best hot rollers to buy.
  • Cheap is expensive. You should be willing to spend more if you want to curl your hair without damaging it in the process.
  • Another thing is to choose the hot rollers wisely. It is important to note that some hot rollers do not have adverse effects as compared to others. Ceramic-coated ones will ensure even distribution of heat. The temperatures are also relatively lower. For even rolling surfaces, consider those with a coating of plastic, Teflon or rubber. I would recommend steam-heated hot rollers as well. Those with better results will ensure that you do not use hot rollers frequently.
  • Regularly wash your hair and use hydrating conditioner while at it. The weekly basis is perfect for hot oil treatment. If you do so, your hair will not only be prepared but also protected for when the time comes.
  • Once in a while, go for home hair treatment. It prevents and also acts as a remedy for hair damage.
  • Dry your hair thoroughly before using hot rollers. Wet hair breaks easily hence the need to do that carefully. A blow dryer can help you dry it but maintain low temperatures.
  • Before use, apply either mousse or styling gel to avoid frizzy and brittle hair. Since heat can damage hair, the two will protect your hair from heat reducing the chances of the damage to your hair.
  • Use the hot rollers wisely. Avoid tightening them too much, using them frequently or setting high temperatures.
  • Settle for the least amount of heat necessary when heating them. As a result, you will get good results without using much heat.
  • Use fingers to style your hair after removing the hot rollers. Before that and after the same, apply hairspray.

Hot rollers are just around everywhere. You can easily create gorgeous curls that lasts more than a day. Infrared, ceramic, ionic and titanium are a few protective options added to the best hair rollers. It prevents split ends, reduces the frizzy look, adds volume and creates a healthy shine. If your hair is thick and long, you need more rollers and vice versa. Choose the one that suits your hair type and volume.